Friday, May 13, 2011

Thunder in the Hills

Happy Friday the 13th!  No sunsets of late.  Always thunderstorms and raindrops falling on my head!  When we get into one of these cycles, it's fog in the morning, drippy sun in the afternoon, thunderstorms into the evening.  Every day, same thing!
So, when you can't look up, look down! 
Thank you everyone for stopping by this past week!  I've been spacing out posting and commenting.  It's a busy time of year and other things demand attention, it seems.  Thank you Barbara, Beth, Vicki, Julia, Short Poems, Kat and SWVA!  Lovely friends.  Thank you so much for the time you took to post a comment.  Haphazard as my replies may be, I read (and love!) every word you send. 

Wishing you all a delightful weekend!
See you next week!


  1. Elora -- I'm sure you had a bit of excitement over the blogspot problem. I thought it was absurd that some folks complained. How can they complain when they get this great service for free. Your swirling pools are lovely. Let the weekend begin -- barbara

  2. Lovely photograph! Suitable for enlarging and framing.

    We're have the same type of weather with a little hail thrown in for good measure.

  3. A wonderful photo!

    We're having rain as I write this...

  4. I love your ripples on water photo. Great capture!

  5. Ahhhhhh! We're not getting rain as I write. Just clouds. Thank you so much, Barb (and I agree w/you we shouldn't complain about Blogger!!)and NCMW (your dogs are so beautiful and LOVE! their anthropomorphic conversations with you and with each other!!!
    Vicki, you're a dear to comment. You're on high-demand from your readers and from your devoted blogging audience, I am honored you took the time to send a couple of lines. Thanks so much! Kat, you're dear, too. Great to hear from you!! Thank you all, for your compliment on my "raindrop" shot! MM looked at it and couldn't make sense of it. Almost didn't post it. Then I thought, "what the heck! Go for it!"

    Seems in spite of the rain, there are things to do. Especially as we seem to keep acquiring more plants. The local department store had azaleas for $2.99 each. So, naturally, we loaded up. Now are back in the hole as far as accomplished plantings go!

    Rain, least take a breather, please! But don't quit altogether! Isn't there some middle ground we can agree upon, between deluge and total cut-off?