Friday, February 26, 2010

My Toy Box's ANOTHER day of wind and snow.  According to the Weather Service, we now have a BLIZZARD.  I sometimes think  the changing terminology is being used simply as a wake-up call after being flogged these past few weeks to the point where nobody's paying attention.  One look out the window, though, and I know that's not the case.  The snow is horizontal, driven by a cruel wind.

So, it's still another day mostly inside just off the one-lane road.  Of course, we still have to go out and milk a cow and feed all the animals.  But that is only a brief trip out and then we're back inside until this evening.  So, what do I do on a day like this?  I play in my toy box where all manner of tools and supplies invite exploration.  Sewing machine, knitting machine, spinning wheel, card weaving, crochet tools and supplies, tons of wool roving, dyes,yarn, emboridery..add to that a stack of puzzles, and of course, my China books, five in all--and I'm good 'til spring!

There's a fire in the woodstove downstairs, and up here I have clear vinyl-covered windows that allow me to see things like the huge red-tailed hawk roosting in the Catalpa tree this morning, awaiting a mealtime opportunity.  The snowflakes eddy around the corners of the house; I can see a whole host of songbirds gathering in our picnic shelter where MM has just spread a new coating of seeds for them; and it's just plain cozy up here.  MM's busy on the computer, tracking economic gloom and doom, political intrigues and fascinating scientific news which he shares with me from time to time.  Later on, maybe while we're watching the late afternoon Olympics, we'll have a pan of our home-grown popcorn--oh, so much better than store-bought!

Might as well enjoy this suspension of mobility--even as the endless winter continues.  It's a chance to re-group, re-build, breathe gently.  Gardening season isn't far away; we're right on the cusp.  And, that's when things really speed up around here.  Busyness will soon return, and, if we're lucky,  we'll remember this as having been an opportunity, rather than an imposition. 

Thank you everyone for your comments! I've so enjoyed them!  Have a lovely weekend!  See you Monday!

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  1. I love your toy box! I wish mine were as big as yours. :) I sound like I'm about 4 years old don't I? What do you mean "vinyl covered windows?" blessings, marlene