Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Try to Remember

Imagine it's summer.  The picnic table is full of good food and good friends!  The sun is warming you through and through.  The sounds of laughter echo all around.  The fields are green...oh-so-green!  A gentle breeze threads its way through thickly leaved trees.  Flowers are everywhere! 

A glorious sunset touches your heart beyond words. 

Savor those memories of a
lazy June afternoon...
Put on this feeling, like a down-filled vest.
Try it out...reach!  Color it crazy!  A riot of color! It's there...somewhere!  

Rest assured:  courageous snowdrops are peeking through the snow this morning.  The two-inch shoots of daffodils are firmly committed to rising above it all...

We will get through this.  Promise! 

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