Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Bustin' Out All Over!

It was outside all the live-long day today!  I weeded 200 foot of strawberries and fertilized them!  Whoopee!!  So the easy way to post a blog in a hurry?  Share with you some photos I just grabbed around the house today (plus one from the other night!)

Creeping Flox close up
Lavender blue....Dilly, Dilly........

Yes, this early!  Already!!!  In the picnic shelter.  She's been busy!!

First harvest, today! Yum!

Bleeding Heart

First creek bath of the season!  Whoopeeeee!

Man, this is FUN!

Storm clouds in the evening a couple nights ago...


  1. Are those eggs real? What kind of bird lays eggs that amazing colour? I envy you your white Bleeding Heart.I always wanted to grow one and managed it succesfully for several years but alas the slugs or the weather got to it and it is no more.

  2. Ruta,

    It's Mother Robin that lays those beautiful turquoise eggs. Aren't they amazing? Wish you lived closer because I would GLADLY GIVE you a white bleeding heart! Mine have become quite "invasive." I, on the other hand, have tried numerous times to get the "regular" pink one no avail. Doesn't seem to like the same conditions as the white ones do. Pink fails. White thrives. Same location!