Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why You Cannot Save the World...

Rarely  -- in fact, you might say, almost never--do I recommend people read something I find interesting.  I seldom "forward" things as doing so seems to intrude rather than inform.

In this blog, out here JOTOLR, I try to present a mostly-breezy perspective, that serves mainly to uplift.  OTOH, times, they are a-changin'....and my post for today could be perceived as somewhat dark compared to other subjects and past posts.

Dave Pollard has a blog entitled "how to save the world."  A Canadian, Pollard is deeply philosophical and he explores topics in the realm of our collapsing society, environmentalism, human rights, to name only a few.  His post for today, April 27, 2011, I find compelling as he has neatly sewn together the strengths that evolution has preserved and enhanced in us--the genetics that have gotten us to where we are today; but which are also our ultimate genetically programmed weaknesses, as our society teeters on brinksmanship, and eventually will run amok. 

Reading this is a cerebral experience.  If you haven't got time, skip it altogether.

To read the post carefully the first time through, plan on 20 minutes.  For re-reads, double the time.  Put on your thinking caps, get a hot cup of tea or coffee,  and have a go... I believe (and trust) you are a readership who will appreciate this piece... for April 27, 2011.

Red sky in the morning......


  1. Elora -- beautiful photos. I read the article and found it interesting and know that I will read through it again. With all of history we have had our ups and downs. I agree that the world is so very complex now so how do we go forward given this. I have lots of ideas -- too many to discuss in a comment. It is good though that so many people are focusing on this subject of a declining world. Perhaps this is leading us to a solution rather than a decline. Only time will tell. -- barbara

  2. Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

  3. NCMW, I hope you were able to locate the focus of my attention, a segment in his blog for April 27th, entitled There's Something Happening Here....

    Right on, Barbara!We watched a Netflix video last night entitled Collapse; followed that with the National Geographic Special, by the same name, Collapse. I high recommend both.