Friday, March 30, 2012

You picked a fine time......

I took this photo on February 15 this year.  The porker--eating us out of house and home--weighed close to 700 pounds and try as we might, it was impossible to get her interested in a truckride to the auction.  She simply refused....and how does one argue with a 700-pound pig?  The answer?  You don't engage the argument to begin with!  You take command.  In the only way you know to be a "possible" option.  So, we "re-purposed" her from a piglet factory to a meat source. We still have two sows, which, by comparison, appear diminutive with each weighing more in the neighborhood of 400 pounds or so.

Now, if the above photo makes you a bit squeamish, I apologise, but if you eat meat, you must acknowledge the process of porker to plate.  It's the atavistic side of humankind that we need to kill to eat. 

But then again.....maybe not. 

Shortly after butchering, we opted for a film by the name of Forks Over Knives as our Netflix evening video fare (to go with our pork and potatoes).  (How dumb could we get?!)  With an entire FREEZER full of lovely pork......we chose to watch a film that completely demonized our diet and transformed our thinking on eating meat.

If you've not seen it, I recommend you take a look.  And then elect to run it again.  If ever there were reasons to "go vegetarian" this masterfully lays it out.  We are killing ourselves with our over-consumption of meat in this country. 

Here's the offical web site:

So, MM--now--has decided to drastically reduce our consumption of meat!  With close to 400 pounds of pork in the freezer!  But who am I to challenge a desire to live longer!  And stay healthy.  It's just the timing I'm complaining about!  You picked a find time, MM! 

Nonetheless,  I believe we are right to do this, as the resolution to pare down and eventually eliminate most meat consumption is key to maintaining the excellent health MM and I are currently enjoying.  Any affects of former consumption levels are reversible, too.  So, whenever you (decide to) begin to cut back, you're starting the process of reclaiming your health.

Americans eat way too much meat.  Period.  It's time we challenged what the USDA is telling and selling this country.  Have a look at the film and tell me what you think.  As for us?  Well, at the consumption rate we're planning, now....we and the dogs will be eating pork for the next two decades in small doses!  Fortunately, we have an equally daunting supply and variety of home-grown plant-based protein in the form of dry beans.

Oh, and by the took the two of us a whole day to get that danged pig OUT of the pigpen and up to the house for processing. 


  1. i will watch the video on Netflix. I do not eat meat and haven't for 25 or 30 years. I feel that it is one of the adjustments one can make toward healthy living. Wow -- you will have enough pork to feed all your neighbors!! -- barbara

  2. You're absolutely right, Elora, we as a nation do eat too much meat. I haven't eaten beef for more than 20 years, and eat pork infrequently. We do have chicken more often and fish at least once a week. Were it not for my beloved wife, I could go months without eating meat.

  3. I won't be able to see the film but I do believe we should eat less meat. My heart says no meat at all but then I think that we are omnivores and designed to eat some meat. Our govt guideline is 4oz max of meat per day. Also I understand that all, except maybe home reared, meat in the US is full of growth hormones and other chemicals, something which is forbidden here. We have fairly stringent regulations for all food production but I wouldn't be too keen on eating much processed food but you can see what is in your food as every ingredient has to be displayed on the packaging. I haven't eaten any meat at all for the whole of Lent and it hasn't been a problem, it was giving up chocolate that was much harder.

  4. We raise our own beef and chicken -- and used to raise our own pork. A fine by-product is all the lovely manure for the garden.

    Fo me, moderation is the key --

  5. Barbara, Jim, Ruta!

    You're right on top of things! Exemplory eating! And yes, we, too, Vicki, raise all our own meat. Certainly moderation is what MM and I are currently doing. But is it enough? Forks over Knives recommends NO MEAT. Period. :-((( I don't miss it when we don't eat it. And my continuing to eat meat is more a result of habit than need on my part. If I had salads year 'round, I would never miss meat. a greenhouse in our future? I wouldn't be surprised...I picture myself a 90+ year old lady "pottering" in the greenhouse! Stick-skinny--wirey (sp?) and spry...all those adjectives that describe great old women! Longevity made real by a plant-based diet!

    Love you all!
    Happy Spring!