Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Falling Short

It happens every spring.  It's the old dog-in-the-butcher-shop syndrome for any wandering photographer who happens to stop by Just Off the One-Lane Road.   There's no way I can "capture" what the brain is telling me I see...

Everywhere I look, there's resplendent beauty.  As a photographer, I want it all!  The irridescent reds of the tulips, the deep rosy magenta of the Red Buds, the exotic blues of the humble carpet of violets beneath my feet, the shocking green backdrop of the pastures, the amazing brilliance of the Creeping Flox, the unblemished white of the Bleeding Heart.  Ahhhh!  The list goes on....and my heart pines for it all...

Not to mention the intoxicating fragrance of the Lilac that can never make it into my lens...

I am greedy.  And there is abundance to share.  Beauty is everywhere!

My photo-seeking heart yearns to be able to show it all to you!  But my brain knows better than to try...because the result of the shutter click.....is always disappointment this time of year.  The shot only magnifies technology's lack!

Only occasionally does the shot reach toward perfection.  But you know what?  I believe that's the whole idea:  perfection keeps us searching, never quite finding it.  So we meander, looking and discovering or, more to the point, savoring the joys of the effort!  Trying on the macro or the micro view, eventually fitting the visual adventure to our individual quests.

Which brings me to my favorite photographer:  National Geographic photographer, DeWitt Jones.  His photos are simply amazing.  For the pure joy of seeing photographs that are as close to perfection as can be enjoyed, go here:

In the lower left corner of his home page, you will see a button that says "Watch DeWitt now..." Click it and you'll be rewarded with as close to perfection as one can get...then sign up for one photo each week that will be more than "Wow!"  It will be inspiration.  As DeWitt directs:  Celebrate What's Right With the World!


  1. You have some very fine photos there, Elora. Be proud of them! DeWitt Jones is good, but he is a professional with "an obscene budget, nine assistants, and three clients." Which is to say, he has done this every day for years, gets to go to exotic locations to shoot pictures, and has more practice than you and I can hope to ever get combined. To paraphrase Voltaire, "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good."

  2. What a lovely, generous comment, Jim! You, yourself, produce beautiful images daily! I think if I were to "do it all again" though.... I would choose photography full time. I would wish for more courage to take the plunge in becoming a full-time photographer. I did a lot of right stuff in that realm, but never connected beyond the "serious hobby stages." Being a NG photographer though, often isn't as exotic a lifestyle as one would think, at least according to Joel Sartore! Then again, the images of Dewitt Jones seem to suggest less adventure and more sedate beauty. Thank you for your words. Love the Voltaire quotation!

  3. Your header attests to your great photography skills. I watched the Dewitt Jones video. Was not familiar with him before your introduction. The link you have on your post did not work for me so I put in dewittjones.com and his site came up. Enjoyed this post -- barbara

  4. Thanks so much, Barbara! I believe I mis-directed my readers, altho' it's hard not to enjoy even "mis-directs" on Dewitt Jones's websites...but he has several. So it's easy to become lost in them! For the slideshow, go to his blog:


    Scroll down through the photos on the left side. You'll be rewarded (if you haven't already taken a moment to scan through them.