Thursday, April 26, 2012


Tadpoles.  In a mud puddle.  Isn't that something!  Who would have thought with a pond only 50 feet away, the tadpoles would claim this mud puddle as their home?  We're always hearing about the decline in frog populations with the shrinking numbers heralding more dire things to come. 
But out here JOTOLR, we seem to be doing fine in the up-and-coming frog department.  There were hundreds of these 1/2" long amphibs, spread over three mudholes, wiggling around just above the mud.  I did move a few of them to the bigger pond during this last dry-up, as it appeared then as though the mud puddle was getting shallower with each passing day.  Today makes up for that, however, as I picture them surfing about happily in the deluge! 
It IS raining that hard here--enough so to consider building an ark and loading two of everything aboard!


  1. Great photo of tadpoles in the mud puddle -- barbara

  2. Glad you liked my tadpoles! We have some HUGE ones in the big pond. They're difficult to capture...both image-wise and actual amphib. But these little guys taking refuge (they were pretty vulnerable to any bird that wanted a quick meal)in a mud puddle caught my eye. Not sure what frog they'll become...maybe a leopard frog? Thanks!