Monday, April 30, 2012


I love a good mystery!  The photo above is just that.  I found the rock yesterday in the creek just below our house during our dog-adventure which we take every day.  While the image appears convex, it is the opposite:  concave.  The chunk of rock appears at one time to have been hot, maybe molten.   Measurements of the solidly embedded specimen--or perhaps I should say the mold made by the once solidly embedded specimen:  about three inches long, an inch and a half at the widest part (on the left); unusual shiny metallic veins that glint in the sun.  The rock is more basalt-like than regular sandstone or limestone.  It measures about six inches across.  Pretty heavy, too, having carried it up from the creek-bottom..

 Do I have a fossil?  A trilobyte of some kind?  A visitor from outer space?  Ideas please!


  1. I think it's possibly a mold left by a horn coral. But I don't know if the geologic age is right for them in the Greenbrier Valley. I'll bet there's a geologist at Concord or Bluefield State who can identify it. Jim

  2. I'd check with the professionals at some college or state office. Interesting object. -- barbara

  3. I believe you're onto something, Jim. I'll email the appropriate sources and get back with everyone with--if not a "solution" at least some more trails. Thanks much!

    Will do, Barbara! Thanks much for your suggestions on this. It's right peculiar!