Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Signal, No Signal, No Signael....

I am a living breathing testimonial to the fact that one can survive without the Internet for several days....just barely, though.  A power surge of some enormous proportions took the phone part of my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) out along with the internal modem on my computer.  My computer man came out this afternoon and agreed that it had been one heckuva surge to have done that.  Nothing else harmed and the power company has tentatively offered to pay the cost of replacement, something that took me completely by surprise.  So, I am putting in my claim next week. 
Anyway...I am back on and will see everyone on Monday. 
Meanwhile, let me introduce you to Toad.  Toad is such a good friend in the cucumber patch and wages daily battles with things tht eat cukes.  It's such a treat to find Toad, albeit a bit startling when an apparent dirt clod becomes animated. 


  1. Elora, We do get addicted to our computers. Sounds like you have a nice utility company to work with. Glad you are back on. Thanks for all the info on butter. I bet it is delicious. Nice that you can freeze it. Wonder what they did in the pre-freezer days? I suppose they sold it or gave it away. Didn't know that one can also freeze eggs. I buy my eggs fresh from a local farmer that sells at the farmers market. His eggs taste divine compared to store bought eggs. -- barbara

  2. I know how you feel right now! I've been keeping up to date with your posts (but no photos sadly) as our normally fast internet is down at r e a l l y slow dial up speed, one photo took 3 hours to open yesterday! I've enjoyed your last few posts, just wanted to let you know I'm still here and look forward to re-reading them soon with photos :D

  3. Great pictures! I'm very fond of toads -- we often find them in our basement and I've heard them chirp like birds when I pick them up to take them outside.

  4. Oh my...that must have been quite a surge to get past your UPS. I lost three modems at our previous place in Boone, NC before the computer repair man suggested a UPS (which helped very much). How fortunate that the power company will pay for replacement---I wish I'd thought of that when I lost my three modems.

    I love Toad. We need a Toad in our garden. The bugs are awful this year.