Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Triple H Weather

Sounds a bit like a dude ranch, doesn't it!  Triple H weather is what I call it and I really do not like it.  High Heat and Humidity.  I have to admit I am hiding out in the house.  And we have several of these plugged up throughout both floors. 

Muggy.  Soggy.  Barely able to breath!  It's almost like drowning.  I've always said during weather like this, we have to cut a hole in order to breathe.  Mostly, the plants in the garden are happy with this tropical invasion.  The plums, however, are not.  They quickly develop mold in Triple H times.  One tree has already ripened and I've canned the fruit.  But we're still waiting on the second tree.

Later this afternoon, it's supposed to look like this:

Forecast is calling for "up to" three inches of rain.....(per hour!)  We may have to start on the ark, and begin loading two of everything aboard!


  1. We had thunder and rain today but only small, small, small scale compared to you. Temps haven't been that warm either, abot 14C.

  2. HHH here too. Getting in touch with my inner sweaty person.

    Hope you get some relief soon -- us too.

  3. Winter here and relatively speaking we have HHH here too! Days far too warm for our normal winter and warm damp nights, yuk. Keep cool :D

  4. Julia! I have tried to post a comment back to you twice and each time Blogger says, "No." So, we'll give it a whirl AGAIN! It's interesting to read about your weather anomalies in NZ! How fascinating to compare! And your setting out strawberries and garlic is about five months "ahead" of when ours will go out. We planted garlic in November last year.

    I sure miss your blog! Hope you'll be back to it soon. I am working with the phone company right now to get High Speed Internet. Your pictures and topics are so lovely!

    Thanks much for all your comments! I so enjoy them!