Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, us it didn't feel like a vacation.  The neighbors "invested" in some loud-but-not-too-colorful fireworks that I think lasted well into dark-o'-the-clock.  Mostly, though MM and I were too tired to have heard anything but the opening salvos. 

I promised Milk 101, and, indeed, I will deliver on that promise beginning later in the week.  Maybe in short little installments, as we work through the processes.  I need to grab a couple of photos first. And Marigold has turned into an angel.  She's almost like a dog, following us around, now!  Completely sweet, docile and a two-gallon per day (almost) cow.

Today, here are some assorted photos ...

You know that expression "having egg on your face?"   A chicken with egg on her face becomes dinner out here JOTOLR.  That's because with egg on her face...she declares to everyone that she's the one that's been pecking the eggs. Caught in the act, she is plucked and in the pot with sage and garlic.  Pressure-cooked, she's tender and de-lish.

An unusual spider web...almost three feet in diameter...overnight!

It's June Bug season.  I think of June Bugs as the C5A's of the bugworld (those big airplanes that carry freight0.  Occasionally, they seem to lose their way and run smack into me!  It's quite a surprise.  They're actually very pretty, and they're all over the yard right now. (I'm sure they must be harmful and eat huge quantities of something we've planted....?


  1. Kinda resembles a Japanese beetle and this is the time that they are coming out in droves to eat everything in site. Is it iridescence? Japanese beetle have an iridescence quality to them. Otherwise, I haven't a clue as to what it is. Bug Guide might help. -- barbara

  2. Barbara,

    You've had some wonderful posts on your blog, lately, and I've simply been snowed under and haven't been able to comment as I would have liked, but I do want to thank you so much for all the education you share with us!

    As for the June Bug and what it is...i've always called them "June Bugs." They're about an inch long, and yes, resemble the Japanese Beetles, only much, much larger. I just don't know what they eat.

    I'll check with Bug Guide on it when I get in from weeding, which is where I am heading right now. It's supposed to be 97 degrees here tomorrow! No global warming, eh.....???


  3. We have May Bugs (cockchafer) but they are not as pretty as your June Bug being a boring brown. They are big, 35mm and fly with a big whirr.

  4. Vacation? Was there a vacation?

    Nice pictures!

  5. We've got Japanese beetles ... they don't show up every year, but when they do you can hardly walk outside. We put traps in the woods which are working very well.

    I have seen a couple munching edamame in the garden. GRRR! They also completely decimated an ugly, tall, thorny weed that grows up out of my yews. They can have that, but stay away from the edamame! Heh.