Monday, July 25, 2011

Impasse on The Yellow Brick Road

Well, here it is, folks. The Debt-Ceiling Crisis. And so, at the hands of all politicians, be it Repugicans or Democrass....the losers are--as always--us. But hey! They've got theirs. What else matters? If you get my point.   It occurs to me that we no longer live in a DEMocracy. We live in a PLUtocracy. I remember my mom talking about the "plutocrats" as though they were a disease way back in the 40's when I was a toddler. And, you know what? She was right.

Definition of plutocracy via Wikipedia:

Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy, or power provided by wealth.

And then there's the "corporotacracy." Rule by corporations (who are now individuals, just like you and me according to our crooked Supreme Court)....oh, my. I said it!

See what hot weather does to one?!

Incubates bad feelings! You don't want to think about this too long. It's not good for your health!

Sickening, as it were. And all this White House show of in-good-faith "negotiating..." What theater! An award-winning puppet show, to be sure. Worthy of an Oscar. And do "they" think we don't have a brain? Well, if you think the "news" on Google represents the real concerns and issues of the day, perhaps you need to re-evaluate. Bread and circuses.

For example, tell me you're really waiting breathlessly every evening to learn "what the stock market did" for the day. Are you excited, waiting for the "news" of just how much the bankster profits increased for the day? In your search for reality, you might want to make a stop to visit Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road:

Some of her friends are still looking for a brain. And where is the Wizard?

OTOH, if you want a little encouragement in overcoming your cynicism, sign up for the online Picks Of The Week from YES! Magazine. It will do your heart good to see that others have wonderful ideas for transforming our sick country back to vibrancy. Worth a look. And if you are motivated by their bright, sparkling ideas (I am!) send them a donation, roll up your sleeves, and begin rebuilding America. And BTW, where are the protest marches? Or are we just too busy...?


  1. Elora -- glad you are socking it to em girl. I have noticed that many folks have made it political incorrect to talk about such issues as you have in this post. I am glad you are coming out on this whole charade of governing. Could there possibly be a gathering storm of protest in the far distance? Hmm I don't think so -- this is not the 60s. This is the new century of "too busy" folks that seem to be wearing blinders. Will folks please prove me wrong! Thanks for the good post -- barbara

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  3. Barbara,
    I am so damned mad. Our country is being stolen and trashed. To use the currently popular phrase: we are being thrown under the bus. In my 65 years of living I have not felt fear from my government. Now, I do.

    NC Woman,
    We supported PBS for years. Almost since its inception. It has become a clone of ABC, CBS, etc. ad nauseum. I'm sorry to say this, but they ARE among the ranks of the Plutocrats. They ARE the wealthy. They are no more credible than the Other. Any more "news" comes by digging out your own, not listening to (nor relying upon) the pablum we're fed by the talking heads who ALL have a commercial interst. Moral of the story? Be very careful, and don't believe a word they say. Ask questions. Don't tune in to cable news or NPR or FOX. Or ANY OF THEM. They ALL have an agenda...their own. Selling journalism as "news" and raking in the bucks.

  4. We foment democracy, but we are its worst practitioners. Perversed by gerrymandering, an electoral college and an increasingly ignorant populace we'll be chanting "we're number 1" while a bemused world watches us decline. The best argument against a Democracy is a two minute discussion with the average voter. A centrist who represents the majority can't win without pandering to a polarized base. The "throw the bums out" approach never works - we just get more bums because anyone with a dog's worth of common sense doesn't want the job. I think everyone's just quit. We'll slide into socialism which ultimately fails to work when it runs out of other people's money. I don't know what to do, but that butter you left for us is fantastic !

  5. You are right on target, as another blogger says, pray for our country. linda

  6. Oh, dear god, don't get me started . . . but thanks to you, Elora, for expressing my feelings.

  7. Thank you for this post, Elora. I keep saying that we need a revolution in this country. I truly believe that if millions of people marched on Washington, clogging the streets, shutting everything down, filling the halls of the Capitol, and refusing to leave until things are changed, that we might be able to actually force real action. But maybe I'm just dreaming. And the truth is, I keep waiting for somebody else to start the revolution. And the truth is, so many of us are so busy trying to survive financially in this plutocracy, that I suppose we wouldn't even be able to afford the trip.

    I get so angry sometimes at my fellow working-class folks who constantly vote against their own best interests because they swallow the propaganda put forth by those who want to hide where the real blame lies.