Thursday, July 7, 2011

Too Hot!

Can't believe it's Friday!  Where did the week go???!!  Been too busy, too wrapped up in garden, keeping things watered, weeding, worrying (about weather anomalies that we can't control and should not worry about!), and all manner of excuses for not blogging.  Perhaps the best excuse is that it's just too HOT! to sit upstairs at the computer and type! 

I always think of July 4th as being midway through the summer.  And the corn, of course, should be knee-high by this time...and it is!  Sweet corn's on the menu soon! Meanwhile, we're into salads using baby kale, pak choi, Wavy mustard, and all manner of cold veggies.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Looking for a cool-down in weather by Sunday
Let's hope!


  1. Elora -- I hope you have a large "sittin" tree to read under when you are through with all your farm chores. My grand's and great's family members always had a large tree where they had chairs under to sit a spell in the evening -- when it cooled down. -- barbara

  2. We are eating lots of baby yellow squash -- sauteed with garlic and broccoli buds and snow peas. The tomatoes aren't ripe yet and the corn and green beans are a ways off -- but the new potatoes are coming on and we just ate the first cucumber!

  3. While we don't have a garden, we do have a wonderful roadside market. The veggies and berries are so beautiful and delicious this year. The plants seem to have enjoyed the weird weather more than we did. It's been like August here for far too long. Have a great weekend.

  4. I haven't been blogging for all the same reasons, Elora. This heat is sapping every bit of spare energy I have!

    I can't wait for our sweet corn! Like Vicki, we've been enjoying lots and lots and lots of yellow squash.

  5. Oh...I forgot. Could you please tell me what that lovely red flower is? Great photo!