Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mini-Snake on a Mini-Break

Hi, all!

Well, I've done a huge batch of pickles; an even huger batch of green beans; and a modest batch of Gravenstein applesauce.  Lots and lots still to go!  It's fast and furious now.

Thank you everyone!  Beth, Vicki, Linda, David, Carolyn, Barbara--what wonderful comments on my debt-ceiling post!  I am so gratified for hearing your heartfelt concerns, right here, real time..blogging.  Love you all and wish we could all gather together for an evening around the campfire, so to speak!  

And here's my only photo for the week.  Too hot, too busy, too tired at the end of the day when I resolved to post something at least....and yesterday's trip to the landfill and blacktop city nearly did me in!  I know it was at least 100 degrees on that asphalt parking lot!  Home again, as evening was coming on, I plopped down in a chair on the porch ....

...and just then, this little garter snake peeked over the edge of my in-process pool, which now has four resident frogs ....and a mini-snake!  Took this shot when it was practically pitch dark.  No kidding.  And no flash (didn't want to blind the poor critters! ) Watched the snake as his tongue crept out from its mouth ever so ssssssss-l-o-w-l-y, apparently testing the ambient smells!

Again, thank you!  Have a good weekend, all.  I'll be back to visit from time to time, so don't go away!  Meanwhile, I am keep an eye on all your posts, including your very special one, Elora, on London and your upcoming Vancouver trip!  Give Victoria, BC a super big hug from me.  Used to live at Duncan, --more like Cowichan Station--remember?  Have a great trip!


  1. The snakes that live in the bayou here at the mission where we are working are just a bit bigger than that one....well, more than a bit! blessings, marlene

  2. Elora -- what a productive time for you -- but in this heat! Egads! Loved the little snake. They are so nice to have around for the garden. -- barbara

  3. I've been canning tomatoes -- this is such a busy time. Great capture of the little snake!

  4. Wonderful picture, Elora! It surely is a busy time for those of us who have gardens. I've been dehydrating lots and lots of summer squash and making salsa! Not to mention watering like mad, as it's been awfully hot and dry here.

  5. What a fantastic picture Elora! I will give Victoria a big hug but from afar this time, unfortunately I won't be able to go to the island this visit... Thanks for your lovely comment on my post! xo