Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling Chipper?

Hey, my online friends!  How are things?  For me, it was very quiet around here cyber-wise for quite a spell.  You see, we had no phone connection Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....Amazing what that will do to your days and evenings when you're used to blogging, getting the "news" and watching an evening movie--all online!  Kind of carves a hole in the schedule.  Mind you, I sure got a lot done around here!

And it's still hot here.  Is it hot where you are?  Whew!  This is sure one to remember, isn't it!  I might as well have recorded one weather forecast way back when this all started.  I could just play it over and over now; always a 40% chance of  "isolated showers and thunderstorms" which never materialize.  No breeze.  Lots of humidity--you practically have to cut a hole in it in order to breathe.  The pastures are crisp.  Where they've been mowed (and we have left some unmowed) the remaining stems come close to piercing the soles of my shoes!  The only time we get air conditioning is in the car when we take advantage of the 480--as in four windows down, driving 80 mph.
And everybody is prickly.  Like the grass.  We've gone well past dog days.  So, O.K., Mother Nature....feels like something is stuck.  Time to check under the hood.  Could you please get it fixed soon?
Oh...and BTW:  I am on jury duty.  Until NOVEMBER!  Actually that might be pretty cool.


  1. Glad to have you back. It is HOT and DRY here, yard is brown, fields are not much better. The Farmer is bush hogging pastures and I am cutting thistles and burdock by hand where he can't clip. We both "overdosed" on that this AM and are paying for it now. Cows got into the hayfield this AM (where the grass was definitely greener!) so that made for variety in our schedule...that we did not need!
    Our "Chip" puts in an appearance every day, mostly when getting a drink out of the bird bath!
    If you have to serve on jury duty let's hope it is while it is hot and the courthouse has AC. Our house is mostly too hot to live in!
    Hang in there and stay in touch. I would say stay cool, but alas...... SW VA

  2. Yep, the heat is sitting on us and though we had a tiny shower last night, things are far too dry. It's hard to breathe -- no A/C here. I blanched corn for the freezer and I'm sure I salted it with my sweat as I sliced it off the cob.

  3. Reckon we'll look back on this in January with more than a little longing? At least we have AC, Vicki. I feel your pain! Jim

  4. Elora -- I am between a rock and a hard place. I don't like the heat and I don't like AC so I sweat and swoon. Ol mother nature knows the score but us earthlings just can't get a handle on it. I heard this coming week is going to be rainy and in the mid 80s. Afraid to think it will actually happen. Hope it will for you. -- barbara