Wednesday, August 31, 2011

See That Chair?

That's my goal:  to sit in that chair with a "Done" list, sipping grape juice, and watching the sunset...

I must say, though, I have a feeling of accomplishment.

 Fifty-one quarts of peaches from one tree....not bad! 

 But those timeless tomatoes...! 
The beat goes on...

A few notes:  Carla!  How delightful hearing from you!  No, the snake decided light bulbs were not to its liking, so went on to consume a few more eggs and now, we haven't seen it for a few days and the light bulb is still in the nestbox.  How' s everything?? 

Wayfarin' Stranger, you are so right!  I would not wish a Border Collie on anyone that doesn't know Border Collies.  But most particularly anyone living in an apartment! 
Can you imagine living with a BC in a city circumstance? (Actually, I teach ours socialization, obedience and inside-the-house manners, in addition to stock work, and the pups are spot-on-good.

Vicki, training and working a Border Collie for stock is one of my all-time favorite things to do.  I have trained a half dozen or so, and they each have their own personalities.  The two sister pups we now have are night and day.  One is ADHD and also suffers from CRS,  and the other is laid back to the point where you have to tap her with your toe to see if she is breathing, but a studious worker.

SWVA, grapes are strange.  We worked at getting them this year for a change, and I'll be putting up the last of the green ones today, again for juice.  We'll wind up with around 35 quarts or so, divided between the Foulk, Catawba and Interlaken.  Water is key.  MM watered copiously, using a soaker hose.  At the start of the season, we went to a website called AntOnline ( and purchased 250 feet of soaker hose ($79); we made it up into lengths matching the rows, and made sure to "soak" every seven days.  If you can't give grapes lots of water, you won't get any produce.  And, of course, this year continues to be a drought for many of us in SW VA and SE WV.

Barbara, the GREEN "soaking" beans  were a project of Colen Leaky.  He was interested in developing a dry bean that could be eaten without the "pain" of excessive gas.  If you're interested, you can check this out on the web by Googling his name coupled with "beans." 

OK, all!  Back to the tomatoes!
Have to take my licking
And keep on picking...!

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  1. Elora, sitting in your chair with a "Done" list, a glass of grape juice, (or maybe something stronger!) and your eyes on that beautiful sunset is a very worthy goal and one you have more than earned. Now if those tomatoes will just get finished!
    Ah, it is soooo dry here so maybe that is why I don't have any grapes...but the foliage certainly did grow!! Upon arriving home from shopping yesterday I found a LOVELY box of Concord grapes at my door from a neighbor in town and I have been working with them this morning.
    You are such a SMART lady - 51 quarts of peaches! Wow! How do you not turn into a peach, or grape, or tomato, or bean?!
    Best wishes for reaching your goal SOON. As always, beautiful pictures. SW VA