Thursday, August 25, 2011

Green Beans

Believe it or not, these Prim (gas-less) beans are GREEN!  Not your usual green beans!
These are all dried now and awaiting a "hurricane" to blow away the chaff!  Just kidding!

Beth, this is one tree only.  We have had it for years, but it's not certain we'll have peaches every year, so we make a good effort to put up everything it produces, whenever it decides to put on a show!  So sorry you didn't have a crop this year.  Probably due to lack of water and also those nasty little plum curculios (bugs.)
BTW, I signed up for the other day (a knitting blog) and someone there welcomed me to the forum and mentioned your blog as being so inspirational.  She was thrilled that I list your blog as a favorite on mine.  I'll send you a copy of her message!

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  1. Elora -- green beans -- the soaking kind -- hmm never heard of them. I'm sure they are good if you grow them. You and your husband sure have worked a long hot summer to get all the crops you show on your posts. -- barbara