Friday, August 26, 2011

Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

Just in case you'd forgotten....Jess is still with us and, as best she can, keeps on ticking.  Here, she is in command, overseeing an apprentice for the technically demanding turkey-move.  Steady on....steady....easy now......both dogs' front paw is up....awaiting the next move on the part of the turkeys.  Jess doesn't move fast.  Cade moves TOO fast!  What a pair to draw to.  They get the job done. 
Away to me....Cade, AWAY to me.....! Oops!  Turkey has a mind of its own.

OK....back on track and turkeys are headed home...good job! Who says you can't teach a new dog old tricks!  Great teacher, Jessie!'s that surprising Friday popped up again!  Where did the week go???!! We're on track out here JOTOLR.  Ominously, Irene is also on track.  My mother's name was Irene.  Fare thee well, East Coast.  Our thoughts are with you!  Be safe.

A comment for SWVA:  I know you are just as busy as we are!!  Thanks so much for your faithful comments, girl!

Vicki, we still used our Poland grain grinder.  Bought some White Winter Wheat at Walmart and it makes the best bread.  MM grinds about a quart of wheat each time and that Poland grinder always does the job.

Ruta, I owe you a huge email.  A little more patience, here, and I'll get it together.  Ditto for Elora in Vancouver!! (big distance from Genoa!)

To the extent possible, wherever you are,  I wish you a protected weekend.  It was wonderful re-connecting with you all!  I've done a little better this week with posts!  Looking forward to the coming week!


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, so good to hear from you. Onions, peaches, beans, grapes, and it goes on and on! I really admire you and your energy level. I had only 1 cup of grapes this year--LOTS of foliage and NO grapes. Did something wrong I guess when I trimmed vines in Feb. because frost did not do this.

    I am missing the birds that have migrated. Aug. is too quiet! I do hear crows in the distance!

    Take care and have a good weekend. I would say get some rest but I don't think that is likely! SWVA

  2. Elora, I've always said I'd never wish a Border Collie on an enemy, but it's the only breed I want. We're without a dog at the moment and I miss not having one. They're great fun to work with. Jim

  3. I love this post of your old girl doing her job and being such a wonderful mentor to Cade. They are so precious. I miss seeing the turkey. I hope you are well!

  4. Love seeing Border collies work! Our Dan's main job seems to be to anticipate what John is about to do and bark to encourage him to hurry.