Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Watt's for Dinner!

I credit my friend David with this clever manipulation in the title!  David, you earned a nickel on this one.  I'll save it to give to you the next get together later this fall!  Meanwhile, here's the photo:

I told you we had a snake that loved lightbulbs.  I know you didn't believe  me,  so I've been waiting for the proof when I didn't lose my head in the face of a snake.  Last night, I went into the chicken coop a little before sundown,  to retrieve the rest of the eggs for the day and what did I find?!  That snake eating the 75-watt bulb.  Instead of panicking --which I usually do when confronted with these long black things--I backed out and went to the house for the camera.   By the time I returned, the snake had moved and I got a great shot.  I had labeled the photo "What's for dinner?"  But my friend, David, sent me back a title that was a whole lot more creative!  Thanks, David!

The best ones are always at the top, aren't they!
But, I shouldn't complain....shortage is not a problem out here JOTOLR!

It was 48 degrees here last night!  Fall is definitely in the air!  Hurry tomatoes!  We got ours in a bit later this year, so we're on the verge of harvest. 

The sunrise this morning was typical of fall.

Thank you, Linda, Julia, Barbara and Elora for comments on my last post.  I have missed everyone. 
Linda, the fan simply keeps the fumes away.  The dehydrator does the drying.  It's a nine-tray job that heats gently, is thermostatically controlled and does a good job on modest-sized drying projects.  MM, however, is considering (and I believe has decided to go ahead with it) building a large, solar-powered dryer.  That will be awesome! 

Julia, I have missed you, but knew you were enjoying winter!  Would have gladly traded spaces with you during our past HOT-HOT-HOT summer!  Can't wait to hear more about what you're up to in New Zealand!  Elora, hope your vacation is absolutely wonderful!  Barbara, I've take your comments under advisement! And, I'll try to put some posts up concerning fiber arts.   But you give us far too much credit!  You teach us the value of retaining those crafts and skills of yesteryear.  And, Vicki, you really touched a nerve the other day with your post on the Whole Earth Catalog.  We still have (and use) a grain grinder we bought from the WEC many years ago.  That catalog was incredible and wonderful.  Thanks much for reminding me.  Don't know what happened to ours, though.  Must have disintegrated from use!  The grain grinder was made in Poland.


  1. Elora,
    No wonder you don't have time to post with all of those peaches, etc., but we are glad to hear from you when you can squeeze in a moment. And the black snake...you are brave to get close enough to get a photo. I don't like 'em either. Still very dry here in SW VA. Fall is in the air. Take care.

  2. Elora what a photo and clever title about the snake. I sure hope he didn't get a chance to swallow the bulb. Fantastic peach crop. Yes, the night sky is changing and also some of the early trees are getting a wee bit of turning. I am really looking forward to fall and if I complain about winter please ignore me. -- barbara

  3. Great snake photo - I'm curious though about what happens next...
    Our winter here has been short but mad - very warm followed by a snowfall - the white stuff hasn't been seen in these parts since 1939! I'd happily trade places with you and that mighty crop of peaches!
    Hope everything is okay in your corner of the world after that mighty shake - these really are odd unsettled times.
    Happy peaching
    Julia x
    P.S having a mighty difficult time trying to post this - it will either show up a dozen times or be anonymous!

  4. What an amazing snake shot, Elora...or should I say "watt" an amazing shot? :-) That was a very clever title.

    I am astonished at all your peaches---how many trees do you have? Our one little tree was bedeviled by some sort of critter that destroyed many of our peaches, so not even enough for a good cobbler. :-(

    A lovely sunrise shot!

  5. Your snake appears to be a black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta). Assuming he finishes swallowing the bulb, the next step will be to wrap around a post and constrict to break what he thinks is an egg. I hate to think what the shards will do to his innards! Pity, these are harmless and very valuable animals. My grandfather used to pay kids to release them in his barn and cribs.

  6. We had a black snake try to swallow a heat lamp bulb but he eventually gave up. Hope your guy's innards are tough. And we still have our WEC grinder -- but we don't use it anymore.

  7. Did the snake completely consume the bulb?