Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Photo Gallery for the Week

Onions are done!

Birdhouse gourds almost ready for painting this winter

Harvest will be around 30 of them!

Talk about camoflouge!

Vicki, I was taking this shot at the same time you were taking yours of your MG's!

He was up to his old tricks again yesterday.  Camped out in the chicken coop, but this time, looking for better fare than "watt" was for dinner the day before.  Wayfarin' Stranger, I took note of all your instructions on snake handling and was relieved to see that the lightbulb was still in the nestbox after Snake had left.  Would not want to kill these critters but would prefer they didn't eat my eggs and scare the daylights out of me!
Green Grapes are ripening...all picked

Sweet and juicy!

Morning sunrise at Meadowmist...Just Off the One-Lane Road
And the beat goes on......"and miles to go before I sleep......'


  1. Elora, I'm glad he gave up on the light bulb. Unfortunately, they do sometimes take a few eggs, and surprises can frighten you, even if you know the snake is harmless. Jim

  2. Oh, the wonderful bounty you're dealing with! Beautiful pictures too!