Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An A-Maizing Tragedy at the Hands of Monsanto

We used to call this Indian Corn when I was in elementary school. If you had an ear of Indian Corn, or even just a few kernels, you had something really special. (probably because growing it requires a longer growing season --longer, that is, than that in the Pacific Northwest, so it was rare to bring it to harvest).

I always loved the colors, but never thought of eating it, much less grinding it for cornmeal. But, this is akin to the native corns of Mexico, part of the "three sisters" group that sustained life in South American cultures for over 7,000 years: beans, squash, and corn--grown together to take advantage of the symbiotic relationships these plants have with one another, and provide protein, and carbohydrates and vitamins in the right proportions to eat well.

Of course, Monsanto has mucked it all up now with it's "genetically engineered" corn. Their monstrous attack on agriculture has all but wiped out "native" corns. Eighty-five percent of all corn grown now is genetically engineered, Round-Up Ready, and developing stronger-than-ever weeds that are resistant to the herbicide. And the other fifteen percent (remaining non-Monsanto) is under legal attack for allegedly "using Monsanto's genetically engineered seed without first obtaining a license from Monsanto" when it was the wind that pollinated the adjacent farmer's crop. (the farmer never wanted the GE seed in the first place...got it by accident, but the court says the farmer must, indeed, pay Monsanto....

Did I miss something here???

Check out this article for the story of an American tragedy...

And, we're letting Monsanto get away with this.  Remember?  Corporations are people, now.


  1. Beautiful picture -- ugly story. As for corporations being people -- I'll believe that when Texas executes one.

  2. On the 12th of Never, right?! Great comment, Vicki!


  3. Elora -- I grieve as Mansanto food crops pollute their surrounding habitats with wind-born seed contaminating organically and naturally grown crops -- they are reducing butterfly populations and perhaps other beneficial insects. They are a powerful, aggressive corporate structure that has continuing profits that are skyrocketing. The law is on their side. Mansanto is the number one corporate that will take down our glorious food system -- all in time. Eden food company now labels their popcorn bags as containing no GMOs, plus there are few others labeling no GMOs. There is an increasing major conflict between citizens and corporations regarding labeling GMOs. France will not import from us because of GMOs yet they allow a GMO plant to operate in their country -- where their seeds are used I could not find out. Your post is very, very informative, I wish that more folks would begin writing about the abuses in our national food system. --- barbara