Friday, September 30, 2011

A is for Apple

I'll bet you heard that snappy bite I took out of the beauty,  all the way from here!  Yum!  This is the BEST time of year for so many reasons.  One of my top ones is the luxury of practically an endless supply of crisp, sweet apples!  Today MM and I picked another of our trees clean and wound up with four five-gallon buckets!  It's always nifty to climb the ladder and survey the world from above;  inventorying the abandoned bird nests, and poking through the limbs is such fun!  Trying to push the fruit picker through the gaps in foliage, and scrabbling to catch the beauties before they hit the ground is always challenging.
And, now, with frost in the air (Sunday) and maybe a snowflake or's time for woodfires in the cookstove and soup on the back eye.  And, of course, Apple Crisp for dessert.
Thanks all for putting up with my rant yesterday about the Great Pyrenees.  Barbara, Blogger is still trying to fix something that won't let me post comments on my own blog.  Again.  So, thanks for the suggestion regarding contacting breeders directly.  It's a good one.  It's the way I always purchased my Border Collies and we always had top dogs. I'll keep your ideas in mind.
So, all...have a wonderful weekend.  Football, popcorn, apples, wool sox and good company.
How can you beat it?!

See you on Monday!

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