Friday, September 16, 2011

Where did I go?

Thank you, those of you who have been wondering about my non-existent posts lately...we've been clearing up the last of the garden, making spaghetti and pizza sauce, and a couple of things:  I signed up to take, not one, but five, online knitting courses; plus, MM and I have begun to put forth some effort in our proposal to organize and launch a community association.  It's a good bit of work, but over time, we believe it will be successful and valuable.  As of this moment, having contacted several neighbors, we have almost universal support.  That is a gratifying start to what we anticipate will be an extended process. 

Here are a few pix taken in the last couple of days..

Rain was wonderful...!

Did you ever think about the fact that we are all connected by the moon?  What shines on me, also shines on you!  We are all connected by light...

Knitting produce...!  My winter wool hat...

Spectacular sunrises return with autumn...

It's going to be a chilly weekend out here JOTOLR. 
Wishing you a peaceful and restful couple of days!
Football season is on!  Yea!


  1. Wonderful rainbow shot! Yep, busy, busy times as we wind down the summer and look ahead to winter.

  2. Elora -- I figured you were cleaning up the last of your gardening chores and preparing for winter. Always work I know. But heck, you were out organizing, taking five classes, and taking the best darn photos -- beautiful -- and yes we are all connected -- ain't that grand -- barbara

  3. The rainbow...and the moon! you live in such a beautiful place Elora!!

  4. I do live in a beautiful place, Elora! You're right...but, WOW! so do you! (Italy, for those who might wonder) :-)) And it even has sushi! Happy Birthday, girl!