Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Showers Bring....Strawberries?

Already.  I don't ever recall having strawberries the first week in you?  And these aren't the only ones.  Call it an "anomaly" or a "trick of Mother Nature" or climate change....whatever...this is not "normal."  Then, again, "normal" or "average" years are always a surprise in some way.  Things are never "normal" ...How dull it would be if predictions were always right on the money!
Betting on the Kentucky Derby, anyone?  It's not "normal" to have this long list of contenders with no favorites!


  1. We've been enjoying strawberries from the raised bed for several days now. Nothing like fresh from the garden! No Derby bets. For us, it's an anniversary, the anniversary of the day I gave my wife-to-be her engagement diamond. Makes it easy to remember!

  2. Wow! But then everything seems to be about a month earlier this year.