Monday, May 28, 2012


 Have you ever thought about the fact that too much of what we Americans celebrate is connected with war...?
Let's take a look:
Martin Luther King day in January is of course, about the Civil War...the endless Civil War.  The war back in the 1800's we are told,  was about "economics..."  But it was also about CIVIL rights.  And we're still at it, today.  People are fascinated with the "Civil War" (witness the popularity of Ken Burns's series on it).  How can we continue to glorify the killing of 618,000 men on a battlefield, anywhere?   Much less "celebrate".   Today, we are using high tech pilot-less drones from afar to "take out" suspected/labeled "terrorists" but also innocent human beings, calling it "Politics...  Collateral damage...Casualties of war..."
Presidents' Day?  Perhaps this is unfair, but most of these men who were president,  presided over a war of some kind or other during their tenure...after all, war makes the economy run...small wars, big wars, police actions, skimishes...war.
I find it ironic that we celebrate Mother's Day in the first half of May only to have the last half of the month (Memorial Day) celebrating the taking away of the sons (mostly) of mothers...commemorating the "ultimate sacrifice."  We go through the almost mechanical motions of "paying tribute" to those who died supposedly fighting for our freedom..."
July 4th celebrates our inability to engage in meaningful conversation to arrive at a decision to be independent from a "mother" country...And I can't help but notice that the phrase "bombs bursting in air" gets the loudest applause and voice at NFL football games...
Veteran's Day in November speaks for itself...but doesn't include the following facts:
We spend $160 billion every year to keep 310,000 troops in 150 countries around the world...
Call me anti-American if you wish (I'm anti-colonialist and believe we can use the resources we spend overseas on military right here at home), but I keep asking...
Apparently, I am not the only one asking questions....
Go here for something you probably didn't hear about...because the MSM doesn't want you to hear about it...Amy Goodman's Memorial Day Special is a real the video which took place in Chicago at the NATO summit, May 20th.  It's embedded in the story, "Memorial Day Special:  U. S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Return Medals To NATO at Chicago Summit."


  1. Great post, Elora, thank you. I cannot claim to be opposed to all war; the world is a dangerous place and we must be prepared to protect our families from the atrocities of a Hitler or an Osama bin Laden. But I agree with you that most wars we have gotten involved in had more to do with careers, political and military, markets, or resources. Teddy Roosevelt famously said "Walk softly but carry a big stick." Shame his successors haven't followed that advice.

  2. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment, Jim! I figured I'd probably take some punishment for it!

    BTW, keep the following in mind:

    "America's not a country. It's just a business."