Thursday, May 24, 2012

Water Dynamics

Last night, it rained.  And rained. And rained some more...  Not your little spotty shower and then it's over.  No, no.  This was a regular ditch-digger, truly a frog-strangler.  Matter of fact, in the midst of it, several tree frogs did decide to celebrate the rain--at least for awhile--and gave voice to their location...not having yet gotten to the "strangler" part, I'm assuming. 

I was out on the porch, hulling strawberries, MM was drawing plans for the picnic shelter we plan to erect in our new neighborhood park.  Whisps of vapor-laden air wafted past us with each passing dark cloud.  It was almost as if the whole world was having a bath. The music of the rain was magical.   Born in Seattle...I confess my love of a good old-fashioned drenching!  It's what brings the greenery...and the flowers.

But how much is too much? Hmmmmmmm.  The forceful dynamics of water can alter original plans!  This is called "a wash(out)".   We wound up with about 2 inches of rainfall in a comparatively short amount of time....and it looks like....

We could be in for more!


  1. The year and a half we lived in southern California the one thing I missed most was a good summer thunderstorm. When we finally got a little sprinkle in August, I went out and stood in it. And I love the early winter rains where it sets in and rains for 3 days or more.

  2. We had one of those soakers recently. Much appreciated and only a bit of washing on the road.

    John says that his whole life is spent dealing with water -- getting it to go where he wants it to and to stay out of where it shouldn't go. A waterherd. perhaps.

  3. And, Jim, don't you just love hearing a rainstorm coming across the valley? You can hear it before you see it! Still another reason to live in beautiful Appalachia!

    Vicki, we both know farmers are a most discontented lot! Whatever the weather, they're unhappy with it. Whatever the moisture level, they gripe! When they have a good crop, they complain that everyone else did, too...:-(( and you have to sell cheap. So goes the lot of agriculture!