Friday, February 18, 2011


The full moon never ceases to captivate. It conjures feelings of wonder, mystery, and awe. As it rises over the horizon in all its full and gaudy splendor, it occurs to me that that same moon is rising over all on earth, and it connects me to the network of my fellow human beings.   What I see, in a cloudless sky, is the same moon those in Egypt see. Those in India, Seattle, and Rome The golden orb floats above us all, linking us by its light.
February’s full moon has many names—names that try to explain Nature’s capricious behavior. Speaking to the hunger, for example, that must have been acute, felt by the Cherokee, as their winter provisions dwindled precariously, they called February’s moon, The Bony Moon. The same is true of the Choctaws who referred to it as The Famine Moon. The Chinese, more hopeful, perhaps, call February’s full moon, The Budding Moon. Colonial Americans referred to it as The Trapper’s Moon. Indeed, the moon last night was all but daylight, and any trapper would likely be well-rewarded with lots of wandering game on such a night.The Dakota Souix had two names: Moon of the Raccoon and Moon When Trees Pop, the latter perhaps referring to sap rising too fast and encountering a late cold snap?  Or, alternately, when old branches are shed by strong winds.

Celts called February’s shining light The Moon of Ice. And I can practically feel the fierce winds and restless sea, as England’s Medieval citizens took shelter from changing seasons. They called it The Storm Moon and for those farther north, it became the Snow Moon. Indeed, some of our worst weather and heaviest snows—like last year here—do come in February.

Whatever the name, it’s easy to be worshipful of such a gift. Last night it was 100% full, and will be again tonight. It's too good to miss!  So if your skies are clear where you live this evening, take a moment and go outside. Look at the eastern horizon around 6:45 p.m. It’s huge! It’s beautiful! It's awe-inspiring!

Thank you, everyone who stopped by this past week for a visit!  You're all such fascinating people with so many interests and talents.  I marvel each day as I read your blogs, what you do, what you say.  You are absolutely the most wonderful people in the world!  Thank you for your friendships!

Have a great weekend!
See you Monday!


  1. Hi Elora:

    Wonderful image of the full moon! It was really beautiful and the weather was perfect. Nice warm up we're experiencing isn't it? I would like to see some rain though and soon. I think we're a few inches behind this year already and I fear for another mini-drought in June/July like last year.

  2. Ah this is lovely! I saw the full moon very briefly over Genoa the other night, but did not have my camera on hand :( It was gorgeous and it was indeed HUGE! I too have often thought about all the people all over the world who look up at the same sky I do - it makes you feel less alone when you are sad!

  3. Wonderful post and gorgeous shots, Elora. The moon has been so bright here, we've been able to walk outside at night without a flashlight. We had a little rain which cleared the air of the lingering smoke from wildfires.

  4. Beautiful shots! Eight of us sat at the dinner table Saturday night with all the lights turned off so we could watch the moon rising over the mountains.

  5. Thomas! Thank you so much! You know, I just looked at the weather map for our area, and we're sitting "in the white." Everyone else is in the "rainbow" of Weather Advisories. And right now, I'd call it almost balmy!!
    Elora--I would LOVE to see the moon over Genoa! Lucky you!
    Oh, Beth, thanks! Gotta get that email done that I started to you several days ago!
    And you were close enough to wild fires that you could smell them??? Oh, dear!
    Vicki, thanks much! I can just imagine the picture of all 8 of you watching that big old moon rise over the NC mountains! Beautiful scene!
    Thanks everyone! I've been a bit lazy, today, and didn't post to my blog. MM and I were out sawing wood for this COMING winter. Good to have a bit left over--so far, that is!