Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Color

I lost you all!  For several days, now, my listening/commenting audience up and disappeared.  I wondered what I had said to make you all leave en masse ...and then, yesterday, I went directly to my blog-site and there you were with all your comments, too! I guess in the transition from dial-up to HSI, peculiar things are occasionally going to happen..not many, granted, and certainly not worthy of much mention, especially compared to the extra time I now have to write on my novel.  And occasionally watch a YouTube video!  Still marveling, out here JOTOLR!

Still in search of interior color, I went to work, yesterday on the other end of the house upstairs.  Here's what I found!  A piece of stained glass which I have stored since I ordered it just prior to Y2K..Remember Y2K?  Did any of you believe it???  Shamefacedly...(is that a word?) I took it all to heart and prepared like mad! Took four years to use up the toilet paper!  And I still have at least 30 gallons of vinegar in the basement ( was very logical back then and made perfect sense--at least to me.  Vinegar makes a great cleaner!  And, as for the toilet paper, women know what that's about!)  Anyhow, Y2K passed with few incidents (altho' I am told they were more numerous than our trusty government led us to believe). 

Thinking of the coming chaos, I wanted a little color thrown into our lives, so one of the last-ditch purchases was this piece of (I hate to admit this....) Chinese-made, painted glass.  I also bought three similarly constructed lamps:  the table lamp you see here, a hanging lamp and a floor lamp of the same dragonfly motif.  I love them!  When I bought them, though, I had overlooked one outstanding fact:  it was supposed to be "lights out" as the grid went down, so they weren't going to be very functional until we did some kind of retro-fit.  Meanwhile, as we transitioned to the 1800's, we needed some stop-gap measure.  So, to be on the safe side, we bought several of these:

And, when everything else failed, I figured we could always watch the sun come up and go down and we'd be back to the circadean rhythms of the natural world, which, after all....wouldn't be that bad!

Early Reds
Sunrise Today Out Here JOTOLR


  1. The stained glass it beautiful, too pretty to be stored. I did not stock up in the quanities that you did but we really know what might happen that Jan 1st. I milked goats at one time in my life and I miss a reason to be outside every day. Now I am healing from a hip replacement caused by a freaky fall. Linda

  2. More beautiful color. Sure glad we escaped all the dire predictions around 2000.

  3. Linda,

    So sorry to learn of your hip problems. This time of year especially, I try to remind myself not to be in a hurry on hidden ice. This morning, for example, there was a significant coating of ice on our stepping stones as we went out to milk. I took the time to sweep off the snow, and then to sprinkle sawdust on the ice (a great non-slip additive and near plants, is way better than salt or chemical concoctions. Here's to your speedy recovery! And I am so glad I hung that stained glass, finally! You're right! It's too lovely to be stored!
    Thanks for comments!

    Vicki, I was ready for pioneering! I think I would do OK if time were rolled back a hundred years or so....the one thing that gets to gnawing on your mind, though, are all the things we do take for granted today, that we can't replace or do without...mostly in the field of medicine. Lacking them could be terminal. So, I agree wholeheartedly: thank goodness Y2K never materialized as a concern!