Friday, February 25, 2011

Seeing the Possibilities

One of the many reasons I enjoy photography is because of the possibilities.  For me, it's  discovery rather than recording that fascinates.  The hunt for images is exciting.  But beyond the immediate adventure, it is the abstract that pulls me in rather than the finite capture of some perceived reality. 

I know I am always shy of perfection.  What is fun is to take that imperfection and translate it into hidden connections I never knew were there.  These daffodils, for example...The hidden light that was there all along is amazing. 

It is also the craft of finding a worthy image in what at first appears to be a throwaway shot.  The morning reflection in the cow's water tank ...

Or putting a twist on the words "blue skies"

Coloring my world, sometimes re-shaping it, revising and reviewing brings a new approach to each subject when I start to see the possibilities.

Christopher Niemann of the New York Times is an absolute MASTER at the "abstract"    If you've not explored his blog, Abstract City, take a few moments to do so.  It will give your day a merry "twist" as you explore Niemann's quirky approach to life. If you have more than a moment, take a look as his previous posts, maybe starting with Red Eye.  I believe you'll giggle just as I did.   For me, now with HSI, I'm finally able to enjoy this man's artwork  shy of spending four hours to do so!  I find his view of the world so refreshingly unique and light-hearted.  And we all need some of that right now, don't we!

We are in the midst of a fierce windstorm and I thought the power was going off, so I rang off hurriedly! finish up:

It's been a tough week for many in the world.  I grieve for the people in New Zealand.  I worry for those in Libya.  Aside from sending a few pennies and prayers, there isn't much else we can do to contribute something tangible and positive in either locale.  So, that's what we do.  We do what we CAN do, to the extent possible.  Our hearts go out to these people, these human beings who are hopeful and fearful and in need of knowing we care.  May they find the strength they need.
(Power just went off and then came back on, so I am typing FAST!)

Thank you all for dropping by this past week to say hello.  Thank you for your kind words.  I'll be catching up with comments in the next few days!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
See you Monday!


  1. Love your images! And the blog world does bring us all closer together -- in good times and in sad.

  2. Elora -- fantastic abstract photos -- the last one is my favorite -- barbara

  3. Elora -- Photography is a great way to really see the world -- especially in your own backyard. Your images on this post are beautiful -- my favorite is the last abstract. -- barbara

  4. Wonderful images, Elora! The cow water-tank reflection looks a bit like the earth viewed from space. I really enjoy your photography.

  5. Thank you, all! Re-View(ing) is good for bending the mind! Beth, you're right! Like Google Earth!! I debated, Barbara, about whether to include that shot or not. I love it, but wasn't sure if it would "play" on the blog. When I uploaded it and actually saw it, I knew it belonged in the group!

    Thank you, Vicki! Yes, online, we're all holding hands! Keeping each other "up."