Thursday, February 17, 2011

Water, water...not everywhere...

So far this year, we are short of our normal rainfall complement out here JOTOLR by roughly two inches.  All of you who got those mounds of snow--burdensome as they were-- are now lucky as you anticipate the coming gardening season with the knowledge you have ample water. 

Water.  Such a precious resource.  Yet we continue to abuse it, lose it, and over-use it.  Again, where is that word, "conservation?"  As farmers, we either have too much or not enough!  We're always complaining!  And we all take water for granted, don't we...did you know that one of the cuts in the budget being eyed favorably is to the Clean Water Act?  Enforcement monies, as I understand it.  Sadly, it seems water--clean drinking water--will wind up being something we'll value much more highly after it's severely rationed or even gone. 


  1. Or polluted by natural gas drilling. Grrr.

  2. Elora -- Debbi is so right, that ongoing issue is unbelievable to human health. I don't think we know the full scope of the polluted water issue. I am glad that you are on top of it in your blog. -- barbara

  3. So many good programs are under assault while the costly adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan roll on...