Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guess what! -- UPDATE

I'm wrong.  I apologize to Time.  Indeed the "Protester(s)" cover IS on the U. S. edition.

Time's "Person of the Year..."

They DIDN'T put the cover on the U. S. edition!  Does that tell you something???

From The Washington Post:  There are some hints of dissent. “Time's ‘Person of the Year’ is the person they did not put on their U.S. edition covers,” The Post’s Anup Kaphle wrote on Twitter.

In a viral screengrab, Internet users complained about the Dec. 5 cover story selection. Time Magazine put a protester with the headline “Revolution Redux on the cover of its Europe, Asia and South Pacific editions, but opted for the headline “Why Anxiety is Good For You” on the cover of its U.S. edition.

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