Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here's My Very Own Recommendation on the New website as of last night.


In the belief that an educated citizenry is key to change, Occupy Wall Street--OWS--has --as of last night--introduced a new website to replace the exstensive library that was trashed by the New York City Police RAID in Zuccotti Park--Liberty Plaza.  You may recall that 5,000 books at Liberty Plaza were thrown irretrievably into dumpsters by the goon squad of Mayor Bloomberg. 

This replaces the physical books, and goes beyond.

It is an open forum.  YOU--anyone--can recommend additions.   With technological wizardry, OWS has produced a place where recommended reading is displayed for all to explore.  It shows how richly educated we already are!  And it also reaches out, offering to share our understanding of where we are, where we are heading, how we can help, what we need to know....on every possible front! 

What kind of world do we want?  How can we, as individuals, move our caring agenda forward?

Whether it be environmental, financial, legislative, climate change, unemployment, foreclosures, corporate personhood, money, income inequality--the list is infinite!  Please take a look at this wonderful resource. 

My own recommendation is for an inspiring film we watched about two weeks ago called The Singing Revolution.  It features Estonia, an incredibly lovely land and its people in their peaceful struggle for independence.  It's available as a streaming video on Netflix.  To educate yourself, check out the new OWS awesome website:

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