Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy the Plutocracy

Don't miss the vids!–-feeding-plutocracy-and-why-the-cops-are-scared?via=sidebyuserrec


  1. Elora -- I think your plutocrat Warbucks is fantastic. Read the Harvard post -- was enlightened about Hyatt. A distant relative works for corporate Hyatt and fits the profile of a minor plutocrat. Too bad. The 1% are going to fight against the 99% getting a dime of their(?) money. -- barbara

  2. Hey, Barbara!

    I'm a bit slow to respond!! Thanks for your comment. For sure, that Plutocrat was definitely beastly!! Hope you're enjoying your project and this is to wish you a Happy Holiday! Thanks for the reassurance that somebody is paying attention!! Love you, girl!