Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Knew You Would Be Proud of Me!

Indeed. I accept your congratulations for having the foresight to join, support and publicize this awe-inspiring movement. What's exciting is that it's only just begun...! BTW, I'm told that I am now officially a terrorist because I support OWS, have more than seven days food stored, have smoke residue on my fingers (wood cookstove) and am generally speaking a cranky old bat when it comes to tolerating "personhood" and Republicans, and big banks and big oil and big pharma and the Congress and the president (lower case intended)...need I continue?
To read about Time's momentous decision go to:


  1. Good choice, TIME! Thanks for sharing, Elora!

  2. Thanks so much, Wayfarin' and Vicki! You make my time here worthwhile. I hope others are paying some attention. Our country is in deep trouble, and I, for one, would not predict any improvement anytime soon. Our future is in the hands of the protesters.

    Thanks again for your comments!