Friday, January 29, 2010

Comment on Commentor

One of my favorite blogs is A Canadian in Italy.  Maybe it's partly because I've lived in Canada and have traveled in Italy, and I love them both!  Maybe, too, it's because we share the same name, Elora, and we met because of an online photography blog (never face to yet!  Can you beat that!  Elora's blog is delightful!  She has a fascinating life in Italy and swings between Vancouver British Columbia and Genoa Italy, as she describes her life between two worlds. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding...always entertaining.

 As we all reach out to one another, from all corners of the planet, we discover the real heartbeats of the world.  We talk to one another, and we can once again soar with the possibilities.  Do stop by Elora's blog.  She also has a Photo of the Day, so just follow her directions and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

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  1. Thanks Elora, you are so sweet! And I really do hope that we will meet face to face one of these days!