Friday, January 29, 2010

Here We Go Again.....

Are you ready?  Get bundled up.  Dust off the sled! (Sleds are not just for kids!)

On all the surrounding farms, the sound of chainsaws is echoing off the hillsides.  I count at least three, and we'll add ours to the mix shortly as everyone's firewood piles have dwindled precipitously and we're once again looking at lots of SNOW.

We've closed the door to the chicken run and the chickens are snugged in with feed and water, but wondering where their sunrise went. 

We've moved the cows into the close-by pasture and made a covered pile of handy hay bales at the gate. 

We're looking at the possibility of a two-dog night, here, just off the one-lane road, and the weather forecast out of NOAA Weather in Roanoke, gives us "in-the-pink" status...and that ain't good! 

They're calling for four to eight inches of the white stuff on frozen ground.  That means it starts to stick with the first flake.  Temperatures are once again plummeting and there's more to come. 

I'm going with homemade chicken soup tonight using last night's leftovers with a jar of last year's tomatoes added for good measure.  We renewed our library books by phone yesterday, so we're all set in that department.  We have oil lamps to read by should the power fail.  With the woodpile replenished, we can sit snug as two bugs in a rug,  and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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  1. Hi Elora and MM. Looks like we escaped the ice portion of the winter storm. Thank goodnes! Looks like we got about 10-12 inches of snow though, but I haven't measured it...only estimated how far it came up my muck boots tending to the chickens this morning. Sure was cold this morning. My thermometer read 4 degrees F. I took a bunch of pictures at dawn this morning of all the birds flocking to the bird feeder, which I fill with seed once I take care of the domestic birds. No matter how cold it is, I always sit on the porch and watch the birds once I feed them, sometimes counting up to a dozen different species with both male and female. This morning there were eight male cardinals perched waiting for the rambunctious bluejays to have their fill. What a sight. Hope all is well out there on the one-lane-road.