Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Commentors and Their Blogs

Good morning!  It seems we are back to snow and cold all the way through Sunday out here just off the one-lane road.  Oh, well.....better days are coming.  Meanwhile concentrate on the color yellow to remind us that there is life beyond winter and enjoy the brief episodes of sunshine as they flit through.

You know, I just realized there's nothing stopping me from doing several posts in one day.  Now isn't that amazing!  I've got lots on my mind this morning, but I'll do it in several shorter posts so you don't all drown in text.  Forgive me, folks...I guess I am first and foremost a writer/photographer.  

So Topic Number One (and this will be the longest):  Commentors.  You have all offered so much wisdom and I thank you!!  We ARE connected and in sharing, we indeed build something beyond ourselves.  I am gradually learning the language, the mechanics and the etiquette of blogging, albeit slowly.  In that regard, I've learned that reciprocity is key.  In that vein, here is a sampling from recent comments:

Debbi, thank you for your insightful comments yesterday.  And yes, healthcare for all must be considered priority in our country.  Take a look at Debbi's blog.  She has a bright and snappy style that will wake you up and get you going, on physical fitness, running, sometimes knitting (she is an incredibly wonderful knitter) and right now, has taken a foray into weight training.  Check out her blog at This morning she has a link to a New York Times article on how weight training improves brain function in "older" (ahem) women.  (Wonder if 40-pound hay bales can be substituted for dumbells..?) The article is well worth a read.  Debbi always has some great comments and a breezy approach that will entertain and educate.

Ruta, thank you for yesterday's exploration of saving money, shopping wisely, and enjoying it all!  Great comment.  My new blog-friend in North Devon UK is a gardener extraordinaire and an outdoor enthusiast, as well. You simply do not want to miss her pictures displaying her photographic artwork featuring her beachcombing and long walks along the Devon shore (and oh-so-pretty shells and geologic formations that will grab your attention.  Makes me long for those tidepools of my youth!) as well as the beauty of her gardens (don't miss the "Pond" post from a couple of days ago.  Ruta takes a look at her world and shares it with us at

If you haven't taken a keystroke stroll over to Old Otter Holler Farm, this is not to be missed at  Thomas has a lot to show you!  His topics are varied as he takes a very analytic but artistic approach to living self-sufficiently and working the land.   His book list, which I am just beginning to tackle, offers tons of wisdom we can all use.  Yesterday he posted a piece on trees, complete with a face!  His way with words is easy on the heart and mind, and the results of his relationship with his piece of the world --Old Otter Holler Farm--is a feast for the eyes.

Now, let's hope my "linking" skills are improving on Blogger, so that colors are displayed to denote a link.  I have been trying to get 'er done, everyone...but without success! Your patience with my learning curve is greatly appreciated! 

I am loving the exchange of information and ideas here.  Doesn't it delight you that we have this kind of outreach power?  We ARE all in this together!  And I don't feel as though we are simply preaching to the choir, either.  All of you reassure me that some of us, at least, are on the right track as we reach out to one another and share. And, I was so "cold-footed" about beginning this blog! Thank you again for being a part of it.  Others out there who have not joined in the discussion, feel free to do so.  We've got lots more to come!

Lastly, one of the things I'm gradually doing is to pay attention to other's blog lists and taking the time to follow them out.  So please continue to add to your blog list as you discover other sources.  In that regard, MM has been subscribing to an interesting blog for quite awhile (I didn't know it!  We each have our own computer with different choices about what we follow online)  that I will mention here.  It's called Steadfast Finances, located at  Sounds a little stiff, doesn't it. But it's not, and it's along the lines of frugality and thriftiness. You might want to check it out at least once.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Elora! And yes, 40-pound hay bales DEFINITELY count as weightlifting! Looks like Blogger got the link colors figured out, finally ...