Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple Blossom Time and Other Short Takes

The apples are in bloom. It’s always scary. A mean old frost could pinch those delicate flowers and we’d wind up with no fruit. So far, though…it’s promising!

I met this little fellow on the way to the pond the other day. Looked (and acted) like it had newly awakened from the long winter’s nap. I’m not a snake fan, believe me, but these creatures contribute mightily to the job of pest control. So, I give them a wide berth and generally speaking, leave them alone to do their job.

These are Creeping Flocks. When they bloom, there’s nothing shy about them. They are a visible shout both from a distance and up close!

We now have Tree Swallows in the Purple Martin house. That’s OK. They do an equally good job of bug patrol as do the Martins.

We also had a starling in the stovepipe bashing around a couple of nights ago. Apparently, it landed on the top of the chimney and in peering down, a gust of wind came along and created a downdraft sucking the starling through the chimney and into the metal stovepipe. It flapped and bashed around for a couple of days, (I tried releasing one when this happened before and wound up with a panicked bird flying through the house and lots of unwanted calling cards, so I decided to simply wait this one out.) Things are quiet now and we have one less starling.

Our strawberries are planted and my 12 hanging baskets are up with Petunias and Dusty Millers.

The Redbuds this year are SPECTACULAR! 
Finally, I hope you’re enjoying spring as much as we are! Warm days, cool nights, and life unfolding in a Fabulous Reality!



  1. I'll have to wait a bit for apple blossom or the perennials to burst into bloom but I'll pass on the snake, none around here thank goodness. No swallows or house martins yet either.

  2. Glad you give the snakes wide berths. I find that there are lots species that I give a lot of space. But I admire their tenacity and use in our world. Beautiful photos of the trees, flowers, and blue sky. -- barbara