Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank the Powers That Be

Clerical note, here....I just got back from the south pasture where MM and I were cutting and hauling locust posts/firewood and dragging limbs off into the woods.  Whew!  A hot tub's going to feel GOOD! 

Just for laughs, I checked Blogger and the Image Upload fiasco, and guess what!

There were so many complaints on that new Image Upload on Blogger, they disabled it this afternoon.  Yea!  I put plenty of less-than-complimentary comments on the Help Forum, as did many, many others!!  I thank you all for your generous support and your valiant efforts to help me.  Suggestions and really valuable  assistance and insight came from so many of you!  Oh, you are wonderful!  And I have saved every single one for future reference! 

But, I will not give up on blogging!

I LOVE YOU ALL!  For the moment, we're good to go, back to normal.  But I don't trust Blogger now, and I am definitely checking out Word Press.  And Flckr, too.  I believe they are much more "professional" in the way they manage their publishing platforms, more so than Blogger which sometimes seems like a bunch of reckless jockeys who try things out just for the heck of it.  I am most unhappy with that image upload business this a.m.  Part of learning to blog for me has been to push this old brain and make it keep working.  Learning to manipulate the various toggles that let you do different stuff is just part of the challenge;  I still have to think of something to write about, plus mix and match the photos. (as you all take for granted and do so well!)  Point being:  for me, there's plenty of challenge without this kinds of boondoggle created by Google staff! And if they did it once, they'll most likely do it again.  Those of you who have Word Press, if you get a chance, let me know in a one-liner how you like it (or not!)

Anyway, perhaps I am ready to move on to the next level, to reach farther,  and learn more.   Seems like what happened this morning was a pretty juvenile way to approach a major change in software that has likely affected thousands of people. There was no warning, no polls taken as to whether a new method was needed, no complaints about the present being less than adequate....all in all:  a really dumb thing!

Word Press seems a bit daunting, but I'll plunge in and see where it goes...I am seeking that black background, for sure.  I'd like to have three columns instead of two....but I'll have to begin at the beginning!  Another adventure in store for this old lady! :-))

Again, thank you, lovely friends!  You are much appreciated.  Here's more produce from last night's photo-shoot.


  1. I have Wordpress and have been very pleased overall. Not having experienced Blogger, I can't really compare, but I will say that I am pretty computer illiterate, but I set up my blog easily at Wordpress two and a half years ago with very few glitches. It does seem to me that Blogger has more bells and whistles available for free, but if your main interest is being able to upload your writing and photos without tearing your hair out, you should be pleased with Wordpress. Good luck!

    By the way, I really love your sky photos---they are amazing.

  2. Elora, As you know, I love Wordpress. It's far superior to Blogger IMHO. I would be very happy to help you set up Wordpress (once I'm moved!). I love dabbling with it and it would be fun for me to help you. We can get you a black background and three columns!

    They say that constantly working the brain and changing things up will help prevent Alzheimers. So thank the gods for all this trouble!

    I'm off to finish packing!