Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Gratitude Post

I am falling behind on my thank you's and my outreach/replies to many of you!  Spring just seems to put a monkey wrench into the works and wreaks havoc with reciprocity.  Please forgive me!  I'll gradually catch up!

Beth--I so love your Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl! Your sharing brings so much joy!  Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  I am honored.  Thanks so much, too, for your comment on your experience with Word Press!  Greatly appreciated. I believe I'm on my way to shifting (slowly!)

Carla--love your blog, too!  Sacred Witness  Have a safe and enjoyable journey to your new home in Georgia!

Others, all...MM just dashed out the door, with the admonishment, "Time to go to work!"  So I am back out to the Back Forty, again, after posts!  So, further blogging (and gratitudes) will have to wait until this afternoon when we return home from "posting" to regroup.  Here's another of those shots from the sunset photo-shoot the other night!  Just can't seem to leave them in the drawer!



  1. Thank you for the mention, Elora. I enjoyed so much reading about you and your husband installing the black locust posts. I can testify to their durability as we had an ancient fence in Boone, NC (where we used to live) that was made of locust posts and was still in great shape. By the way, I don't know if you meant the title of that post ("A Post")to be a pun, but, if so, it was perfect! :-) I also liked your poem in the most recent post (and, of course, the photo).
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Elora,

    I am just now catching up on your blog for the first time in over a week. Life has been crazy in my transition, but today I finally had a chance to breathe so had to get to your site to see what you're up to. Thank you so much for the kind mention. I do appreciate your support!

    I love my new home. It is perfect. Tired though...