Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beyond Words...

The sunset last night--once again--was beyond words.  Spectacular seems a bit "tinny" to my artistic ear...More like "grandeur, magnificence, surreal...I had been watching the local news on TV--something I don't do very often, but wanted to catch an update on the on-going hearings concerning the mining disaster investigation. (No longer IN the NEWs, but still on our collective minds, here in West Virginia.)

I happened to open one of the Roman shades just to savor the last of the day's rays,  and caught my breath.  The sky was beauty beyond words. I grabbed my camera and flew out the door.  How many times have I done that!??  It was cold.  The wind cut into my comfort layer and let me know that winter still had a grip.  Nonetheless, I persisted. 

I came back with way too many photos, as usual, and this morning Blogger decided (apparently) to try out a new format/process for uploading photos to one's blog.  I have struggled with it all morning long and have found no way to NOT upload all 364 photos I have put on blogger since I began, every time I want to upload just one!  When I try to upload one photo, I have to wait for the entire batch of photos from my blog-- to upload. This is not fun. 

If it always takes this long for every photo I upload, I may have to re-evaluate the process of blogging!  We shall see....i really don't know what to do.

Thank you so much for all your comments!  It's so rewarding to know the topics we choose "work" for others besides ourselves! 


  1. Nooo Don't give up blogging, and most importantly don't give up posting photos! I know you are on dialup, but maybe you should really consider flickr. you can upload a batch of pictures then just easily link to them to put them in your posts! Five seconds and your done! But I too shall add my voice to yours....we want broadband!!!!!

  2. We have broadband but only just. Sometimes we reach the heady speed of 300 KB (not MB). I'm wondering if you go to My Pictures and create a separate folder (extra to your Adobe folder) into which you copy the photos you want to use each day.The next day you would then have to delete those photos and put in copies of the next ones you want to use. I have photos in different folders and Blogger always goes to which ever folder I was using the previous day so I think this might work.