Friday, May 14, 2010

Gratefully Yours

Today is gratitude day. So many of you have taken time from your busy lives to comment, and I am always nurtured by the generosity and kindness of your sharing. In two words…thank you!

Ruta -- Ruta's Ramblings– I am following your cement work avidly! And your beautiful spring parallels ours. (Noting your photo yesterday of the currants, which I could have taken off our front porch—having the same currants here as you have!  Do you make jam/jelly with them?) Your photos are so lovely, Ruta! Lately your pond shot particularly caught my eye. We have somehow lost our waterlillies and will have to add some back. It has been such an enriching experience, corresponding with you, dear lady, as we share our respective environments—yours in the UK, mine here in the U. S.. Thank you for your dedication and commentary. (and your dedicated work on your lovely garden). I so enjoy you!

Marlene-- Stitchin' By The Lake thank you so much for your compliments and also for sharing your herb garden with us this past week. For years, I have enjoyed Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs, available for around $16 from Amazon or even cheaper from other vendors listed on Amazon. What I’ve always liked about this book is that there are hundreds of ideas (with directions for each project) of what to do with herbs, as well as growing instructions, different species, how to make tinctures, etc. The history all by itself (included with each herb) is fascinating! I highly recommend the book. It’s timeless, too. Thank you again for your sweet commentaries! I love your baby birds photos!

Barbara—Folkways Notebook How I love your Folkways Notebook blog, Barbara. I think you enjoy putting it together, just as much as we enjoy reading and viewing it! I picture your driving along, and stopping JOTOLR, to explore your subject and, perhaps, grab an interview or two! How much fun you must have doing this! And, I know exactly what you mean about missing those ziss-boom-bah thunderstorms! It was one of the (many) things I welcomed when we returned from three years in Alaska! And your generous comments on my blog are so lovely and ratifying. Thank you, both for your “work” in putting the blog together, and for your comments on mine.!

Beth—Thank you for your oh-so-sweet words, too! I know you, like me, like Barbara, live in the hardwood forest area of the East, so your observations parallel ours. I enjoyed your comment on black snakes! As I mentioned in my post, I am not a “snake-person” but respect what these animals do. Live and let live! It’s a heart-stopper, though, when you’re walking along and nearly step on one! Same with the dogs. Through their eyes, I can see a snake from miles away! (have you ever watched a dog –from a distance—encountering a snake? Their reaction is just about like mine! Instant elevation!) Thank you much for all your kind words!

JuliaIsland Home What a pleasure to have an online friend in New Zealand. Your blog is “simply beautiful.” You share with us a vision of domestic harmony and attention to details we might otherwise overlook. Your choice of topics is always enticing and I feel as though I have stumbled on a treasure hunt. And the scenes from your island reverie reach across the globe and brighten our days. I’m so glad to have found you! Thank you for your comments and your friendship!

Carla--Sacred Witness What a delightful and enriching blog you have, Carla.  It goes without saying, your photos are incredible, and your message always resonates.  Today, when I began reading your blog, I said to myself,(before I finished it)  "that's got to be John Muir."  (Smiling, here...) So glad you've made it safely to your new home, and thank you for your love and also for your comments.  Finally, thank you for your bridge to our inner selves.

Elora—A Canadian in Italy My Italian namesake, it is enriching to have a friend in Italy, too. It seems I am bounded by the geography I seem to love. I wonder if it’s by accident or by design. I feel through these online friendships that I am “anchored” to chosen parts of the world, though I don’t recall searching them out. Perhaps you have found me! Italy, NZ, Devon, Canada….Hmmmmm. I love the “rootedness” of all these connections outside the boundaries of my own country. Thank you, dear girl, for “adopting” me! (or did I adopt --kidnap?--you???) I know you are busily preparing for the addition of a “Mrs.” in front of your name, soon approaching! So, the time you’ve taken to comment is doubly appreciated, knowing you’re busy as can be! Thank you! Love you much!

Linda, I hope you’ve solved the “wabbit” problem! Thank you for sending me a note. I do enjoy hearing from you.

Finally…summer has arrived and we’re all busy, if not gardening, than in welcoming friends and relatives to our “homeplaces.” The charm of summer, I believe, is that it is the “open door” season: whether it’s to let in the cool of the morning or to beckon our loved ones return. So, it’s time to enjoy this particularly loving time of year! I send you my love, my friendship and my gratitude throughout the next several months. Let’s talk along the way! (And BTW, many of us seem to be trying to pare off a few pounds--I've dumped 13 so far--yea!  So, here's wishing everyone who has undertaken that arduous task, success in that department, too!  Ruta's got me beat so far; same with Marlene!  But I've re-doubled my efforts to keep inching down!

I'll leave you with last evening's sunset...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  See you Monday!



  1. Thank you Elora -- you are so kind and generous with your comments about Folkways Notebook. I must say one thing about your posts -- you write with flow and vivid wording -- its like reading a painting. I wouldn't miss one of your posts!-- barbara

  2. I don't have the book you mentioned, Elora, but I have 2 or 3 similar to it. I'm just hoping that I've got these firmly rooted so that while we're gone this summer they will be ok. They will be watered occasionally but not nearly as often as I would if I were here. blessings, marlene

  3. Elora thank you for your sweet comment - I have been enjoying your blog so much as well! I love your observance of and gratitude for the things we so often overlook but when we truly take the time to appreciate they enrich our lives above and beyond anything that could ever be bought. Your posts always remind me to look up, look down and all around!

  4. Again thank you for your lovely comments. I sometimes make jam (jelly) with the blackcurrants but more often use them for crumbles. The birds and I fight for the redcurrants and I usually pick a handful each morning when I go to feed the hens and have eaten them (currants not hens) by the time I get back to the house. I plant the currant bushes near the hen house because having shallow roots they benefit from being top dressed with the dirty wood shavings I clear out of the hen house. (Deep littering hens on woodshavings makes cleaning so easy.)
    One more fantastic sunset picture ! keep them coming.

  5. Elora, thank you, again! I feel honored and grateful for your continued support. There are so many wonderful blogs I want to read and I just don't have time right now, but I always find myself drawn back to yours. As I continue to settle into my new life I will be able to spend a little more time with you and others. For now, though, I am grateful for your presence and support. As I typed this, with my balcony door open, I heard a goose honk and then skim across the water. Though I could not see it with my eyes, my ears gave me a good visual. I smiled! It is lovely here, and your sunset photo is stunning! Love and Light to you this weekend and going forward.

  6. Thank you for your kind words, Elora. Funny thing---just after I related our black snake experience in my comment, we had a series of slightly unsettling encounters with two different black snakes right next to our house. (Previously, they've stayed their distance from our house) One tried to get the baby bluebirds and Tom had to uncoil it from the pole (thankfully, we had a metal collar on it). Then another HUGE one was curled up under my car. And a black snake just took up residence in Tom's workshop, which of course means I'll be a little hesitant to set foot in there for fear he'll drop from the rafters on my head!