Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh, no.....What did you get into?

Border Collies are among the most expressive of animals. And, I know….everyone has a pet that can be counted among “the most expressive.” But here’s one of ours:

This image is the “picture” of a Border Collie’s conscience. There’s no serious infraction of this household’s “rules,” but Jessie had been off the porch for quite awhile, doing what we call “rabbiting” when she returned and tried to sneak (as in slinking unnoticed) past us to lounge on her usual spot. As she went by, heading for her dog bed, MM said….”Oh, no…..what did you get into?”

And this was her answer. “Guilty—whatever it was!”

I’m being a bit lazy, if you will. Taking a holiday break, out here JOTOLR. The garden is caught up; our muscles—after putting up a few bales of hay a couple of days ago--are resuming their usual shape after having been stretched to capacity. We put up what are called square bales. In a couple of days, when I have images to share, I will add depth to the “haying process” on another post.

For the moment, suffice it to say that when the farmer puts up square bales, the handling is considerably more physically challenging than those big round bales that decorate fields. For each bale we put into our barn, it’s been handled three times…once as it is picked up and put on the trailer; once when it is off-loaded from the trailer into the barn; and finally, once when it is stacked, in the barn. So, at the end of 90 bales of hay—we’ve actually processed 270! On a hot day, (always) pouring rivers of perspiration. And yes, Debbi, we did: Make hay while the sun shone!  More about that in a few days. I’ll be working on my Comments on Comments later on today.

Meanwhile, here’s a pretty image for no particular reason, except the entire picnic shelter is COVERED with these Clematis. And it is gorgeous! Can anyone tell me: is it pronounced CleMATis or CLEMatis? 


  1. You've got me thinking on the pronounciation and all I can say is that I use both versions. I tried growing clematis but the slugs got to them, even the little lantern type one that survivied for about 5 years before being munched up.

  2. There are a lot of clematis blooming in my neighborhood that I've never noticed before. I don't know if this is a particularly good year for them or if I just haven't been paying attention. Anyway, they're gorgeous! And I love the picture of your dog - he's a cutie. blessings, marlene

  3. Ohh -- your dog is so adorable even if he gets into a bit of trouble now and then. He looks young. Your muscles must be in great shape with all the farm work you do. Spring is a lovely time to enjoy the flowers both domestic and wild. Your clematis is beautiful. -- barbara