Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Narrow Fellow in the Grass

If you haven't read Emily Dickenson's poem, A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, or haven't done so for a long time....please take time to study each of her lines.  This has always been one of my favorite poems.  It speaks for itself!

A Narrow Fellow in the Grass
Occasionally rides—
You may have met Him—did you not
His notice sudden is—

The Grass divides as with a Comb—
A spotted shaft is seen—
And then it closes at your feet
And opens further on—

He likes a Boggy Acre
A Floor too cool for Corn
Yet when a Boy, and Barefoot—
I more than once at Noon

Have passed, I thought, a Whip lash
Unbraiding in the Sun
When stooping to secure it
It wrinkled, and was gone

Several of Nature’s People
I know, and they know me—
I feel for them a transport
Of cordiality—

But never met this Fellow
Attended, or alone
Without a tighter breathing
And Zero at the Bone

         Emily Dickenson

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  1. Love Emily! Good one Elora. She has been dubbed a nature mystic by many. -- barbara