Friday, May 7, 2010

Score One For Elmer Fudd

Remember poor Elmer? Always on the prowl for that Dwatted Wabbit? The cartoon always portrayed poor Elmer as a villain, but if you had planted those carrots and lettuce and peas……Well, call me Mrs. Fudd. A Dwatted Wabbit has been helping itself to my newly planted peas and spinach lately. One day I was proudly looking at two lush rows of green pea shoots and the next day those pretty green shoots had vanished. Overnight! Inexpicably, there were heartbreaking—now brown-- gaps in the row of gween shoots! There was only one possible conclusion: WABBIT.

And, no, I didn’t have to get out my trusty shotgun. Something beat me to it and I couldn’t be more pleased! This is a piece of Wabbit fur. You should have seen the garden. There were tufts of Wabbit fur all over it. I’ve never seen so much Wabbit fur in one place—except ON a Wabbit!

Explanation: overnight an owl had gotten a meal. One of our treasured raptors had zapped the blankety-blank, pea-eating Wabbit, and obviously had had a late dinner or early breakfast. . The carnage was evident.

And, yesterday? The remaining peas and spinach were undisturbed. I’ve replanted the rest.

Treasure your raptors! They consume vast amounts of pests that frustrate your gardening efforts.

Festival of Fragrance

Ahhhhhhh….it’s a feast! Out here, JOTOLR, we are enveloped with multi-layers of fragrances. We’ve passed out of the gluttony of splashy colors, and into a whiter, calmer selection of eye candy. On the other hand, though we’ve entered a phase of intoxicating fragrances as the locusts are in full bloom, as are the wild cherries! What an experience! This year’s fragrant blooms are simply beyond compare. A demure white they may be, but they are not shy. The trees are loaded with nose-inspiring blooms! I find myself, throughout the day, hovering close to these huge bouquets, and I give thanks for the lush generosity of these majestic offerings! What a gift!

Crop Circles

The Mayapples in our west pasture grow in a circle. Every year the circle grows larger, but never changes shape. I’m not certain it’s unusual, but the circle is – for all intents and purposes—always perfectly round.  It just gets bigger every year. Maybe we are inadvertently communicating with those aliens Stephen Hawking was talking about…without even knowing it…! I wonder what this crop circle out here JOTOLR is actually saying…a good place to land?

Here's wishing you a lovely weekend.  Here in West Virginia, it's going to be absolutely perfect! Thank you, dear readers, for all your comments this past week.  May your gardens  all be growing with vigor!  See you next week!


  1. Elora -- what did Stephen Hawking say about communicating with the aliens? Does it have something to do with the crop circles? Some people consider me an alien because I don't have a T.V. and I miss out on lots of news, etc. -- barbara

  2. Barbara,

    Probably the best way to show you is to give you the link to the April 25th story--which did not involve crop circles, but kind of resonated with my memory of crop circles in general. Here's the link to Stephen Hawking's most recent pronouncement:

    Do you remember the book that came out years ago, having to do with those gigantic figures drawn into the earth...what the dickens was the name of that.../ Ah...Chariots of the Gods, by Erich von Daniken. It was quite thought-provoking, and I believe he's written several follow-ups. The web has bits and pieces of information, as does might want to follow the trail farther. Fun stuff!!


  3. Thank you Elora -- I am going to the site to check it out. Stephen Hawking's is an amazing man -- so brilliant! And the book you mention -- I do recall hearing that title, Chariots of the Gods -- I'll order it from my local library. Thanks ever so much -- barbara

  4. Oh that wascally wabbit! At least your recently deceased wabbit didn't play the mind games that ours do - we often have vast exacvations appear in the vege garden over night only to go out the next day and discover wabbit has filled them in himself! He also has a cunning little trick of tunnelling under the carrots and eating the bottoms off! Ah well...I guess I just have to plant enough for all creatures great and small so we can all have our fill :-)

  5. Oh, I bet that is what happened to the peas I planted, the ones that didn't come up? We do have rabbits here but I haven't seen any fur. Linda

  6. We have wabbits here, too, and their population explodes about this time of year with babies frolicking everywhere. But thanks to our predators---both ground- and sky-dwelling, the population dwindles as the summer goes on. I hope the wabbit fur serves as a warning to any other wabbits considering a night-time snack!:-)

    I love your Mayapple circles--I've never seen that before. I'm a big fan of Stephen Hawking---he is amazing. My mama had ALS, as he does. She only lived for seven years after her diagnosis, but she found him very inspiring.