Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Night of Fireworks

Yesterday was one of those cloudy, warmish days that promises much-needed rain and finally delivers. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been threatened with deluges and, since we’ve been rain-poor, have pined for the forecasts to materialize. We’ve gotten none. And the old adage, “Don’t wish for anything too hard, you may get it…” was always looming. But finally, we wished and we got!

Around 9:00 p.m. the thunder began in the distance.  We'd been watching a PBS program on the artist Kent Rockwell, but decided, instead, to turn the TV off and watch the drama unfolding in the north. I wanted to go outside to try to grab some lightning shots, but the rain had begun in earnest, and with no underwater housing for my camera, I had to be content with simply enjoying the show. No guilt! Just inspired viewing!

And what a show it was!  Rain, now bolstered with a few stronger gusts, lashed the window.  Lightning took jagged paths horizontally as it skipped across the mountain north of us. The thunder absolutely roared. It was the deep-in-the-bowels-of-the-earth kind of thunder that sounds like it’s emanating from a huge pipe, amplifying the growl by a thousand percent and sounding like a wildly angry lion.

With the lights out, there was still constant daylight, with each flash bounding over the yard and pasture as if some light-eating beast were grabbing the scene and consuming it. This was waaaay better than TV! This was high drama.

When we get one of these storms, I mentally review the situations of all our animals: the cows have safe places they can go; the Great Pyrenees –even though he has a very safe place in the barn, is a pussycat in the face of thunder, and will probably be in the garden trying to get as close to MM as possible—lap preferred; the Border Collies each have a good house. The chickens are safe in their coop. The new heifer-mother has a shelter and with her calf will be safe….and we will be safe, in the shelter of this sturdy, built-by-hand-by-MM house.

There was very little wind. Mainly fireworks and loud noises. BLAM! GROWL! SMACK! BLAM!

And this morning? It’s all quiet. Fog and mist are rising and the sun is poking through, reassuring us that all is well.

And indeed it is: ONE FULL INCH of rain has quenched the thirst of the ground!


  1. I love a good thunderstorm. Being down in a valley we don't get spectacular views but the poles bringing the electricity to the house often get struck by lightning.

  2. Elora -- you are from Oregon originally so you should know what I am talking about. I am talking about Oregon and their lack of thunderstorms. I lived in Corvallis, Oregon for several years and never experienced one thunderstorm. Rain, yes, lots. But not in the slam, bam way of a good ole rocking thunderstorm. As I was from the Midwest -- i always longed for a thunderstorm while living there.

    What a beautiful way to spend your evening. I too like to sit quietly on the porch or in the house during a thunder storm. My large dogs huddled close. I find dogs and other animals can feel major storms coming before us humans.

    Very nice post!