Friday, October 29, 2010

Blowin' in the Wind

This week BLEW by!  Literally!  All across the U. S. huge winds seemed to plow the landscape with a vengeance.  Here, JOTOLR, it was a bit less severe, but when you normally don't get that much wind, it becomes an odd "presence."  The wind chimes didn't chime, they clanged and bashed about, almost a rock band by themselves!  Leaves flew, pears thumped down to the ground in a barrage of fruitful artillery.  I was careful not to take a stroll beneath these loaded weapons!

While we did manage to get close to an inch of rain, we are still far behind the "normal" rainfall for October.  The oranges have given way to golds and scarlets, and Halloween is peeking around the corner.  And, this morning, the fire in the Pioneer Maid wood cookstove felt really good!  There's nothing like backing your backside up to a wood stove.

Milking was a bit nippy, and that wind....brrrrr!

Thank you all for stopping by this past week!  For all your lovely comments and comforts.  All you football fans, enjoy!  I don't know how (NCAA) you could top that game last week between Auburn and LSU, though! 

Have a delightful weekend!  See you Monday!


  1. We were lucky and got over four inches of rain. High winds played havoc here as well but today is sunny and calm. I was surprised to see that not all the leaves came down.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Beautiful sky behind the trees!

    We're feeling cooler weather now -- maybe a freeze tonight.

    Son brought up butter and yoghurt -- his and Claui's first attempts at dairying -- delicious!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Elora -- Love the wind's singing and groaning sounds during a storm. I know it can be dangerous

    Still very dry here too. I love to sit where a woodstove is warming the room! -- barbara

  4. I do, too. Barbara! Still dry here. We sure could use a little moisture. Supposedly, we're going to get some rain, even some snow, they say, this coming weekend! NCMW You lucky girl! Real rain! We've had a couple of frosts, Vicki, but the greens in the garden are still going strong! Yea!


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