Friday, October 8, 2010

Puffball Extravaganza

This is my biggest stainless bowl.  It holds 34 cups of whatever...The eventual yield from the puffballs was three pounds of pure white "meat"....peeled, and root removed.

Here's the basket filled with goodies...

Including this giant, which MM shows off in his hands below...

The cows got there first, but I simply cut off the eaten part, which was pretty shallow, and the rest of the puffball was solid white.

Remember, I mentioned "crazed"...?  Well, this is what I meant.  The skin varies and they're not entirely easy to see out in the pasture.  I also meant to mention that a good time to hunt them is just after a rain.  Not a hard rain....but more like a gentle, soft dampening.
Weather looks mostly nice for the coming week. Even into the 80's.   But I wasn't sure when I saw this cloudscape last evening.  Looked more ominous than it's turned out.

Thanks everyone for visiting me this past week. 
I love you all!  It's Friday...where did it go?!
Have a delightful weekend!
See you Monday!


  1. I would love to try the puffballs. Besides frying them, how do you prepare them?

  2. What a haul! Lucky you! And what a great cloud shot.

  3. Hi, Kat!

    Other than sauteing in butter, I haven't tried any other means of cooking them. It's important to get them completely cooked so no spoilage occurs. I have not tried drying them for that reason. Besides, the taste (with homemade butter--:-)) -- is beyond description! The puffballs are succulent, slightly sweet, and the buttery flavor blends nicely. We use them in any way one would normally use mushrooms. Best of luck. Again, I need to tell everyone that I snacked as I prepared them...and I'm sill here!

    Hi, Vicki! Thanks for the comment on my cloud picture. The sky was disorganized that evening and it looked like wind going somewhere!