Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Bad Day Got Better

Especially with all the sympathy you all gave me!  Thanks everyone!
It was--as my friend Vicki's book is entitled--a Day of Small Things (check out her new book which was released September 28th) by going to her website at Vicki Lane Mysteries   She's gotten rave reviews on it and is currently on the Best Seller list of the Independent Booksellers.

It was nothing major yesterday,  but simply a cascade of events that made me yowl like a cat that had got its tail caught in a screen door!  Compared to others' events, these were, indeed, small things. 

The wind turned out to be an isolated event.  Failed to return despite prognoses that more was headed out way. (thanks for the warning, Thomas!)  Everything stayed calm.  

The Udderly EZ Milker got mailed to the manufacturer after we talked directly with him on the phone.  He's a nice man and his products are Made in the U. S. A.  He's always available for consultation with regard to his product and he's always improving it.  He's going to fix it. Pronto!  And, meanwhile, MM and I are simply enjoying a little longer milking time. 

Both Marigold and the calf act like nothing's a problem with feed.  Pears and 16% dairy feed as usual.  Jessie...well...she comes and goes....  And, the butter? Thanks NCMW!  Your empathy is appreciated.  I never knew this, but on concrete where you've spilled grease--either from food or petroleum, Portland Cement does take it up!  And you know who told me?  My dear husband, MM!  I first washed down the trail I'd left with mechanic's handcleaner...you know those orange-colored bottles of goopy soap?  Worked great, but didnt' get it all.  When dry, at MM's direction, I sprinkled Portland Cement over the trail of greasy stains, and voila'!  Gone!  We just happened to have a bag of it from a project we'd completed this past summer.

Nonetheless, I did "hide out" by going to the feed store!  You're right, Barbara.  I needed a "time out."  What that means (aside from getting feed!) is that despite all my proclamations that the color had peaked here in Southern Appalachia...it's still breathtakingly beautiful up on Sarton.  Here is still another look:

As, of course, there's always this for hiding out!


  1. I'm so glad things got better Elora - though they usually do if we can be patient. Me, I'm not so good at patient. :) Beautiful scenery - wish I was there to see it. It's a typical fall day here - rainy and cool. I love it! blessings, marlene

  2. You know, I'm rather surprised at myself for declaring yesterday a "bad" day. That's not like me at all. I never HAVE "bad" days! I'm grateful to have, and am excited about EVERY DAY! So, instead of a "BAD" day, I believe I'd rather call it an "instructive" day....that caused me to ponder all sorts of possibilities that needed to be examined! No "bad" days, EVER! i apologize! I'll mentally erase the title of my post today and rename it "Instructive Possibilities." How's that for thinking in the positive!!


  3. Glad to hear things are on the up again. You are always so postive. I hate it when the smooth routine of my life is interrupted by things going wrong. Getting outside and enjoying nature is my way of boosting my spirits. I love your fall colours, ours are more muted with the odd sprinkling of gold and orange not that we can see much on this misty day.

  4. Elora -- If your day changed yesterday -- I believe it was because of the beautiful views that you shared with us. Also, your musical friend -- the accordion.

    Your music -- I always wanted to learn to play the piano but it was not in the family cards. Then I got older and very busy with life. Now I just want something to get a rhythm going. Tried drumming and I liked it but I have decided to just get a snatch of music in my bones with a tambourine. Ordered one today. Your music adventures and some suggestions from friends sent the tambourine idea to me. Thanks.

  5. Glad to hear things are improving! I did take something from it though - Portland cement. M's car (much to his horror) dropped oil all over a friends newly sealed driveway last week so we'll have to try the cement trick to get it out.
    At your request I did try to take some photos for you yesterday while M and I were out for a walk on the beach but the light was all wrong. He's a professional photographer and I know when I pull my camera out and get 'the look' it's not worth it, so generally I take my photos when M is not around!
    Love your fall photos - what spectacular fiery colours you have! Our colours at the moment are at the cool end of the spectrum - lush green paddocks, sparkling turquoise seas, misty blue snow capped mountains and intense blue skies. Will try and post some photos for you soon :-)
    Take care

  6. This too shall pass generally turns out to be truue ... so glad things improved!

  7. Gorgeous photos ... no need for us to drive to Sarton ourselves when you provide those vistas!

  8. I'm so glad things got better for you, Elora. But there's no need to apologize for having a small grumble about a bad day---I think we all need to vent our frustrations now and then. It gives our friends a chance to comfort us.

    By the way, Tom and I saw the special about crows you mentioned in an earlier post---it was wonderful! I learned so much about them that I didn't know. Did you see the short description of how they grieve for a fellow crow that has died? It was so touching--it actually brought me to tears.

  9. Julia,

    A quick note, here, re: using Portland Cement. When you mentioned the word, "re-sealed" I automatically thought "asphalt"...not concrete. So, I simply wanted to caution you! I wouldn't use Portland Cement on asphalt! You might try the handcleaner idea on the asphalt, but be careful there, too, and try it only on a small--very small--area!!! (no bigger than the size of a coin!)

    Thanks so much for your sweet concern!
    I can't wait to see your photos! How beautiful NZ must be at this time of year!


  10. Thank you so much, everyone! Marlene, Barbara, Ruta, Elora, Beth, Debbi, Julia, Vicki!! You are all wonderful. Thank you, too, for the comments on my photo! I think all photographers pick out photos they've taken and name, perhaps, one or two that they like best. That was the "photo of the year" for me, last year. I had several I really liked, but this one....kinda stuck with me.

    All your advice and empathy were much appreciated! Love you all,